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De-Clutter Your Bathroom With Small Bathroom Storage

Small bathroom storage is your friend when it comes to finding storage solutions for your small bathroom. If you reside in an apartment, basement suite, or small condo, or if you simply want to tidy up a second bathroom in your home, check out these small bathroom storage solutions from Pottery Barn today.

If the clutter is getting on your nerves, or if it's a brand new place you're moving into, get your things arranged before they get you! Pottery Barn offers many different styles and shapes of storage solutions for your small bathroom - there's something for everyone.

What Kinds of Small Bathroom Storage Solutions are There?

There are many options for storage - don't just limit yourself to one. If things are tight, assess what would work best for your space - an over-the-toilet shelving unit, for instance. Hardly any space is used as you look to the shelves to store your toilet paper, towels, soaps and other essentials.

Utilize the walls - floating shelves and storage units with open cubbies or closed cupboards are perfect for storing those bathroom items within easy reach. Closed cupboards serve as a modern medicine cabinet to conceal private or extra items.

  • Modular floor storage. Made up of three moveable pieces with drawers and open cubbies, modular cupboards are great for using separately or together. Move pieces around to suit your spacing restrictions, or if there's a perfect corner for it, retain these cupboards together as one.
  • Storage stool. This cushioned seat is ideal when you want to get off your feet to comb out wet hair or apply lotion to your legs. This stool is also a perfect spot for your companion as you share a glass of wine while applying makeup before a night out. Its handy shelf below allows for extra storage as well.
  • Standing vertical shelf. Ever so convenient, this three-tier tall shelf containing all your bathroom accessories can snug right up to the bathroom vanity for easy reach. If it's a shared bathroom, give each member their own shelf for even better organization. Try one made with galvanized sheet metal for a more modern, industrial look; it can also double as a party drinks tray in a pinch.
  • Rail-and-peg. This storage solution is ideal for those with very limited space, such as a dorm room. Wall-mounted hanging shelves help keep toiletries organized while a canvas hamper keeps towels and linens clean and dry. Best of all, it's modular so you can move it about to suit your needs and the space.

Whether you're in an apartment, condo or dorm room, finding storage solutions to organize your small bathroom space can be a challenge. These small bathroom storage solutions from Pottery Barn will help you keep things neat, organized and tidy so you can concentrate on getting ready for the day ahead, or relaxing at the end.