Storage & Organization

Save Floor Space with Apartment Shelves

Make the most of small spaces with apartment shelves. Pottery Barn has all kinds of floating shelves and ledges in an array of styles, so it's easy to find something that coordinates with your design style. Using vertical space for organizational purposes helps preserve floor space and reduces clutter.

Stay Organized with Floating Shelves

Apartment shelves are a versatile way to keep your home organized and add to the visual appeal of a room. Here are some tips for choosing and using floating shelves and ledges:

  • If rustic is your preferred style, you can't go wrong with wood shelves. Pottery Barn has shelving in a variety of woods and wood finishes ranging in color from light to dark.
  • Achieve a modern look with cube display shelves. They're crafted from ultra-durable iron and come in small and large sizes. They can be grouped in any configuration you prefer for customized storage.
  • Hang a grouping of three shelves together for a look that's contemporary yet well-balanced. Bins and baskets can be used to organize the items on the shelves. Add a decorative accent item on one or more of the shelves for an elegant finishing touch.
  • A ledge by the front door with hooks on the bottom is a great place to hang keys when you come in. The ledge itself can be used to hold a decorative object, such as an artificial plant or large jar candle.  You could also use it to display framed photographs.
  • There are shelves at Pottery Barn for every room of your home. You'll find kitchen shelves for storing wine glasses and bottles, as well as shelves designed for your closet. There are also hanging letter bins that would work well in a home office and mirrored shelves for the bathroom.

Accent Items for Shelves and Ledges

As previously mentioned, shelf space can be optimized with strategic placement of storage bins and baskets. You can also impart style to the room by using some of your shelf space for decorative accent items. Pottery Barn has all kinds of decorative sculptures and other eye-catching objects that you can use to adorn your floating shelves.

Browse the selection of apartment shelves at Pottery Barn to find wall storage that works for you. These ledges and floating shelves can be hung in groups to meet your storage needs and they're easy to take down if you need to remove them.