Storage & Organization

Essentials for Apartment Closet Organization

Whether your closet is small or large, the right apartment closet organization essentials can help you get the most out of your space. Pottery Barn has an array of closet storage pieces that can be configured in various ways to meet your needs.

Putting Together a Closet Storage Solution

There are so many ways to organize a closet and so many storage pieces from which to choose. Check out these tips for putting together a closet storage solution that works for you:

  • Determine your storage needs before shopping for organizational pieces. For example, if you need more hanging space, you might want to focus on clothes racks. If shoe storage is your issue, check out the shoe ladders.
  • A combination of racks, shelves and bins works well for most closets. Shirts, jackets and dresses can hang on the racks, while the shelves and bins can be used for storing jeans and sweaters.
  • If you need a place to store seasonal apparel but don't have much space, wicker bins on a shelf in the top of your closet is one option. Utilizing this area lets you keep the rest of your closet free for items you wear on a regular basis.
  • Shelves and bins aren't just good for bedroom closets but also bathroom and linen closets as well. Use them to keep towels and washcloths organized. You can use smaller bins for keeping toiletries and cleaning supplies neat and easily accessible.
  • The closet organization pieces at Pottery Barn come in several styles and colors. White is a classic choice that goes with everything, while black is great for achieving a modern look.

Other Apartment Storage Options

If you need additional space for storing your items, Pottery Barn has furnishings that are stylish and functional. Armoires and freestanding closets are an excellent option for apartments with limited closet storage space. There are also modular cabinets that can be grouped together to create a custom storage solution. You might also want to consider a chifforobe, which is a versatile piece of furniture equipped with a cabinet and drawers.

Explore the array of apartment closet organization pieces at Pottery Barn. You'll also find plenty of other storage pieces for the rest of your home, such as floating shelves and ledges. There are also boxes, bins and baskets that are as stylish as they are useful. If you're looking for furniture with storage, consider a platform bed with drawers or a bench with an interior storage compartment.