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How to Decorate with Small Desk Chairs

Small desk chairs take your home office from crammed to full of good ideas. Make room for what's fresh in furniture design when you trade out your old desk chairs for a smaller, sleeker version that stays just as comfortable--and just might be more stylish. With more people working flexible hours, pursuing passion projects or needing space to handle household tasks, small desk chairs are starting to make a big appearance in modern homes.

Reimagine Office Chairs for Your Home

The stereotypical idea of office chairs is popular because the chair you're probably imagining right now is very comfortable for handling desk work. There are other styles that feel just as supportive and comfortable as you work, though.

  • The main focus of your decision should be the overall quality of the chair. If a piece of furniture is well-made, you can select yours based on space and aesthetic.
  • Treat yourself to an impossibly chic chair that looks like it belongs at a dainty, yet wholly practical small desk. Slim metal legs and a minimal seat and back rest support you while looking glam and business-minded.
  • Enjoy upholstery while you work. A soft fabric and a cushioned seat don't mean you'll work less. They mean you'll work more comfortably. Get into the zone and feel good doing it.
  • Try a bistro chair for excellent posture and ease of movement from your desk. Armless chairs take up little room and can be moved around your home as any occasional chair would.

Less Is More in A Compact Home Office

Small desk chairs shine in a compact home. Trends towards smaller spaces are becoming more and more popular as people choose to live in bustling cities or commit to a smaller environmental footprint. Hang onto the luxuries that keep your home feeling functional and stylish with furniture designed for smaller home offices.

  • Browse adjustable desks. These desks are made for versatility and personalization. You can crank yours higher or lower to accommodate any chair you choose.
  • Hang floating shelves over your desk so that everything is at arm's reach. A lighter, smaller chair makes it easier to maneuver in a small space.
  • Choose a chair that looks good in harmony with your entire home. You might move it around to seat guests or make space in a corridor area of your home.

Repurposing Superlative Chair Designs

Streamline your home furnishings by reimagining what you can do with your seating. If you've filled up your floors with a dining chair, a task chair and an office chair, you might be pleased to know you can make do with a lot less furniture.

Small desk chairs are poised to become an important element in an urban, tiny or modern home.