Tables & Desks

Accomplish More with Small Desks

Everyone knows it's easier to get stuff done with a dedicated area. Small desks let you max out how you use your space in an apartment or smaller home. They're equally great for an unused alcove in any size place. With such a wide selection of sizes and styles now available, it's easy to design a comfortable workspace that lets you handle planning, tasks and creative projects. Chic architecture and durable construction ensure that you enjoy your desk for years. High style means you'll want to display it as prominently as possible.

When You Could Use A Smaller Desk

Any number of situations call for a smaller desk. Curate a primary space for getting big things done without a big area or supplement a full-size home office.

  • Treat yourself to the pleasure of a project table. Whether you're into crafts, 3-D print construction, sewing, illustrating or other creative pastimes, assigning an area just for your hobbies is a meaningful way to personalize your home.
  • Knock out home and family-related tasks in a clutter-free spot where you can focus and accomplish regular objectives, like paying the utility bills, filling in activity calendars or unboxing online orders.
  • Create a laptop station for when you bring work home or work flexible, remote hours. A spot like this is perfect for studying for certifications or exams, too.

Where To Put Home Office Desks

Take a holistic view of your house or apartment to discover an array of ways to place smaller home office desks.

  • Place your desk so that you can look out a window. Even if you have a short view, seeing a little further than your walls can help a home feel expansive. A smaller desk is likely to fit just perfectly against a window sill.
  • Create a home office corner in a bedroom in a shared apartment or the corner of a living room or common area. Use floating shelves to define the space and provide easy storage for books or other materials.
  • Put it by your door. Double up on uses by repurposing your desk as a console table when you're not working. Let the surface space act as an entryway table for you to put down your bags when you arrive home.
  • Find a spot for it in the kitchen--small kitchens included. This is already a utilitarian area, so as long as you can find some quiet in here, it could be exactly the right place.

Accessories for Small Computer Desks

Certain accessories are going to make your life way easier when you work with small desks. Look to lighting for ways to save space. Try lamps that do double duty with storage cups or trays built into the bases. A wireless charging base for your phone eliminates cords in a compact area.

When you take the time to design your home office area carefully, even a smaller apartment can feel like a place to make big progress on projects and tasks.