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Christmas Bedding for Holiday Warmth and Cheer

Bundle up in bed with festive Christmas bedding. As the holiday season progresses, the nights get crisper and colder until wintry weather has fully overtaken. Use the chill as an excuse to warm up inside with refreshed holiday bedding. Jump right into red, white and green or look to good-looking plaids. If there's one winter theme that abounds, it's keeping warm at night. Layer on the bedding to make sure you do.

Upgrading to Cozy Covers

Most people stock up on new bedding when the weather gets cooler. Your Christmas bedding takes you deeper into winter for a cozy style that makes every bedtime a delight.

  • As the holiday season approaches, add throws to your bedding. A fluffy sherpa material helps to trap heat under the covers for you to enjoy.
  • Even though you'll want a few more layers on the bed, bulking up the ones you have is a good move. Add flannel or heavier knit sheets to your bed so new and existing layers work for you.
  • Take your inspiration for your other holiday decor. You hang thick stockings and trim ledges with lush greenery. This is the time of year to cozy up on everything around the house, bedding included.

How To Work Red, White and Green

Christmas bedding is a whimsical, yet classic way to integrate the colors of the holiday season. Red, white and green make a celebratory statement. When you use it on your bedding, you can evoke the classic feel of these hues.

  • Try a bold Buffalo check. This traditional pattern is a cross-hatch of lighter and darker opacities of the same color forming a grid. A big format check is a post-modern nod to the classic style.
  • A tighter plaid brings on the cheer of Christmas in a seriously seasonal way. Plaid bedding showcases the joy of the holiday and makes a beautiful welcome in a guest bedroom.
  • Add a patchwork style to create a shabby chic look. The warmth of a holiday red against white and green accents gives the appearance of a treasured heirloom in the making.

Other Seasonal Motifs for Winter Bedding

Choose holiday bedding that you can keep in rotation for the winter weeks after Christmas. This is where plaid really shines, but other Christmas motifs can be versatile enough to look good in January or even beyond.

  • Select throw pillows with animal motifs. The animals of a wintry forest scene, like opulently jeweled owls or a stately reindeer, contribute to an overall winter atmosphere.
  • Anything with a pine or fir tree theme works all winter. Look for household decor dotted with scenes of trees or snow to keep the seasonal joy going.
  • Have fun with faux fur pillows and throws. The sumptuousness of your selections fits right in for Christmas or New Year's.

Your Christmas bedding is just another way to highlight the wonders of the season.