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Make The Change to Purple Bedding

Explore a new palette in your bedroom with purple bedding. This lush color feels luxurious, regal and special in any shade or saturation. From the rich depths of a plum velvet to a gentle swath of soft rose linen, blush bed sets are having a moment. Traditionally considered an emblem of shabby chic or even a bed-and-breakfast look, today's purple and lavender bedding evokes modernity and invites peaceful slumber. Discover all the new ways you can integrate this trendy color family into your bedroom and guest room.

Bring In Rich, Stylish Colors

For those who garner inspiration from bold interior designers, purple bedding requires a strong touch. You're discovering the plums and stone-inspired purples that look almost gray, but impart that hint of pink. You're a mauve maven, too, with lots going on in deep dusky pink and nearly magenta.

Let this part of your personality rock out in your decor. The colors are edgy, but the patterns and fabrics balance the daring.

  • In a minimalist bedroom, you can keep the theme going and update it with a remarkable swath of color. Your other choice is to select a tonal pattern that stays as low-key as the rest of the room while providing visual depth.
  • To integrate purple bedding in an unexpected way, try a bold floral. You can stick with a paler pink backdrop and choose a bedspread or duvet cover and shams with big purple blooms. This is a simple way to play with a color you might not be used to seeing in your decor.
  • Get to know the various shades of gray. Gray and purple blend beautifully and gray is cresting as the new classic neutral for home decorating. Nature-Inspired charcoals and river-rock colors let you work purple into the scene.

Stay Soft with Blush or Lavender Bedding

If you're more attuned to gentle colors, keep your purple bedding on the lavender side and incorporate washes of pink. Here, you're more likely to choose soft rose, beige pinks or a ballet pink color. If you like a slightly more saturated style, you can stay delicate by selecting bright peach shades that still mix well with purple and blush tones.

Florals work in lighter pinks, too. A pink pattern on a white background is a classic use of the combo, while peachy florals pop against a paler blush and let you work in cornflower blue, spring green and iris purple shades. This can be an uplifting way to decorate your bedroom.

  • Include tonal patterns or quilted pieces that rely on texture to show off a pretty pink or light purple.
  • For paisleys or jacquards, keep colors desaturated for a look that's easy on the eyes when it's time to sleep.
  • Try a classic stripe that lends dimension and complements other colors or patterns in your room.

Keep It Cushy with The Right Duvet

To include purple bedding in your room today, start with a single item and build out your decor from there. For a quick start, choose a duvet cover. A duvet cover protects your comforter and provides design detail just like a pillowcase does for a pillow.

  • Invest in a comforter you know you'll love. You'll place your comforter inside the duvet cover.
  • Then, have fun adding design flourishes in pink, purple, lavender and blush by choosing duvet covers in your favorite patterns and textures.
  • Make sure to pick up the pillow shams to match the duvet cover for a polished, pulled-together look.

Play with Pattern and Texture

While you're integrating new colors, open your interior decorating to new patterns and textures, too. Focusing on pattern once you commit to color can help you marry the whole look for a harmonious bedroom or guest room feel.

  • For instance, if your other quilts have a tight diamond pattern, you might find a gorgeous design solution in the same pattern, only updated in blush or lavender. That way, you can mix and match shams and everything stays cohesive.
  • Another approach is to choose a fabric, like linen or organic cotton, to create consistency in your decor.
  • Go all in with a bold pattern and a new color story. Bedding sets, like the high-end choices from Monique Lhuillier for Pottery Barn, incorporate a fresh take on ikat plus a punchy mauve ombre.

Enjoy your new purple bedding styles and let your creativity lead you to new ways of making the bed.