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Bedding Dorm Essentials

Create a cozy home away from home with our bedding dorm essentials that turn your new dorm into a small space with big style. At Pottery Barn, we know that heading off to college is an exciting time, and our dorm essentials make the transition smooth and easy while providing you with style and comfort. The main piece of furniture in your dorm room is likely to be your bed, so pick out duvet covers and comforters that are sure to keep you warm and cozy whether studying or watching your favorite show in bed. Choose vibrant hues or bold patterns for a striking look or opt for subdued sophistication with muted colors.

Pair your dorm duvet with sheet sets that can take your style to the next level. If you have allergies or want a planet friendly bedding option, opt for our organic bedding that is free from harmful chemicals and constructed of all natural fibers and fabrics. Choose sheet sets that fit your bed and keep in mind that most dorm beds require extra long sheets for the best possible fit. Match your sheets to the same pattern or color of your duvet bedding for a cohesive look or mix it up with contrasting colors and patterns for a Bohemian or carefree design.

Whether you are off to college in a cold climate or the sweltering heat, adding blankets and throws ensures you are cozy comfortable no matter what you have planned for the day ahead. Curl up on the dorm sofa with a lightweight blanket, such as cotton or silk, to escape the heat without overheating. If you are studying in the cold mountains, opt for mohair, polar or knit blankets that add warmth and texture to your dorm room even when the temperature outside plummets. Faux fur throws add funky style and can be used to add contemporary or rustic elements to your dorm room.

One of the easiest ways to add comfort as well as eye-catching style is to include decorative pillows in your dorm design. You can add texture and dimension to your bedding with knitted or woven pillows. Add sparkle and shine with sequined pillows that add a touch of luxury. Mix and match pillows of different shapes and sizes for the ideal look and the right amount of comfort. Make sure to include a lumbar pillow or large square pillow so you can prop yourself up in bed when reading textbooks or studying.

Completing your dorm room essentials means you’ll also have to think of electronics accessories to keep you connected and organized. Opt for a charging station and catchall that can power up your phone and hold small items, such as jewelry or watches. If you have many electronics, opt for a larger charging box that features built-in drawers to hold extra cables, accessories and can charge multiple devices. Select a few different electronic accessories to create a communication station that allows you to check in with your friends easily and keep on top of your school deadlines.

Add the finishing touches to your dorm room by picking out works of art that express your personality. Add abstract paintings to show your love for interpretation and choose original pieces or imitations of famous works of art. Express your logical and linguistic side with signs that feature inspiring sayings or words expressing your favorite activities. If you love the big city, choose art that features skylines of your favorite cities from New York to Paris. If you love nature, opt for live or artificial plant artwork that brings your favorite environments into the dorm even if you live in a big city.