Indulge in Silk Bedding for A Luxurious Bedroom

When you're seeking a sanctuary instead of just a regular bedroom, silk bedding is the way to go. Transform the atmosphere in your room--and the feel of your covers--with a quick swap to silk. Available at Pottery Barn in quilts and shams, silk bedding enhances your bedrooms or guest room with its lustrous look, amazing touch and design versatility. Pair silk with other fabrics for even more benefits or just sink into the sheets, pull up the covers and prepare for an incredible night's rest.

Why Silk Bedding Is So Amazing

The case for silk bedding is an easy one to make. This luxurious home fabric has been popular for centuries for several very good reasons--and now is available in modern fabrications that let you enjoy its beauty every day and night.

  • Silk feels amazing. Even when you choose a silk quilt, the touch of the fabric when you brush against it is glorious. Its smooth feel is one of the main reasons this fabric has been so beloved throughout the ages.
  • Silk is strong. Even when you blend it with long-fiber cotton or velvet, this natural material is durable and long-lasting. You can enjoy your bedding for a long time without worrying about wear or fading from care.
  • If you suffer even slight allergies, silk can help you get a better night's sleep. It's hypoallergenic, so you can consider it a solid step in managing concerns like asthma or dust mites.
  • Silk bedding helps you maintain your core temperature at night. Silk bedding wicks moisture from you if you tend to sleep warm, but the threads are strong enough that you'll feel a pocket of air warm up around you for comfort at night in cooler climates or seasons.

Choosing Light or Saturated Colors

When discovering the beauty of silk, you may wonder which colors are best for your home. Traditionally, the luster of silk gives it a light, almost-matte sheen. It's known for its gleam under high-quality lighting and can give off an almost pearlescent effect that can create a wonderfully relaxing environment.

Since the material already possesses such a strong finish to it, you have a lot of wiggle room for color selection.

  • Choose white or light colors, like pink, pale blue or beige, if you have a room with lots of natural light or if you've chosen light-wood furniture.
  • Lighter colors show off stitching better, too, so if you love the quilted look that comes with these pieces, stay on the pale end of the spectrum.
  • Select mid-tone colors, like sandy tans, brownstone-inspired shades or medium grays, for a bedroom or guest room that has lots of neutral colors or a mixed set of furnishings.
  • The neutral aspect of medium colors will let a cottage-chic or modern Mission style stand out while providing a luxe oasis in the middle of the room.
  • Dive into darker colors to create contrast against lighter decor, to complement a sophisticated darker bedroom or in a room where the lighting story you create with lamps and spotlights takes precedence over natural light.

Blended Silk Bedding Sets Add Versatility

There are many beautiful silk blends in the world of home decor today. All of them enhance the virtues of this gorgeous fabric by pairing strength, longevity, luster and drape. At Pottery Barn, cotton-silk blends offer a fluid drape, a durable weave and a natural wrinkle resistance.

  • Since silk is known for moisture wicking and helping keep you cool if you sleep warm, a silk-cotton blend can help increase your warmth while sleeping. This won't tip you over into sweatiness, but it will help you feel extra tucked in during cooler nights. You can still consider this year-round bedding, though.
  • The texture of silk is another one of its main draws. By blending silk with cotton, you can enjoy both the smooth touch of silk with the soft plush feel of cotton.
  • Silk-blend quilts and shams are still eco-friendly and sustainably designed for years of enjoyment.

To get the most of your blended bedding sets, dry clean your quilts and shams. Even with blended silks, clean them without saturating the fabric in water. With the proper care, your silk bedding is a versatile luxury that you can pair with other types of bedding for years to come.

Silk Bedding Deserves New Sheets

As you discover how beautiful silk bedding looks in your home, you may want to pair it with new sheet sets. One good turn deserves another--and in this instance, turning over to go to sleep surrounded by gorgeous silk, is your ultimate reward.