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Leather Occasional Chairs

Leather furniture is timeless. It’s been a fixture of elegant estates and palatial penthouses for decades, providing a durable, inviting surface for relaxation and socializing. With the ability to blend in with almost any kind of decor, Pottery Barn’s leather occasional chairs are an excellent choice to add supplemental seating to a living room, bedroom, kitchen or office – anywhere your home could use some comfortable seating. Available in a range of styles, from classic formal wingbacks to modern minimalist armchairs and even some reclining models, our leather chairs will fit right in with your other furniture like end tables and decor like wall art.

Our leather occasional chairs are available in a range of different leather finishes, allowing you to coordinate them with other leather furniture pieces from our collection, such as sofas or sectionals. For a cohesive look, choose leather furniture pieces of the same style and in the same (or similar) color to avoid too much tonal contrast. If you want to inject some visual interest with color variety, use some colorful accent pillows or throws to dress up your new leather furniture pieces. For those with more adventurous or eclectic style, blending different leather tones in one room can work well, though it’s a good idea to consider your mix carefully to avoid clashing colors. You may also choose to mix and match your furniture style to make the room even more unique, blending formal nailhead-trimmed leather chairs with an angular, modern leather sofa.

Perfect for creating a warm, cozy ambience, our leather chairs are versatile. Use them for your game room to create a classic hunting lodge feel, or set them up in front of a fireplace to make cold-weather nights even more enjoyable. Many of our leather occasional chairs are better suited for more contemporary arrangements thanks to their clean, modern lines and innovative blend of different materials. Choose a leather chair on shiny metallic legs for an urban loft or midcentury modern home to create a sense of warmth and comfort that adheres to restrained design principles born in the 20th century.

Our leather occasional chairs can also make themselves useful in perhaps unexpected places. Consider making yourself a comfortable seating nook in your kitchen or home office. You can use one of these chairs in your office area as an alternative to a standard desk chair or to create a small lounge area where you can relax while taking phone calls, reading through documents or performing routine administrative tasks on your laptop. We also offer leather barstools that can be suitable for providing seating at a kitchen counter, tall bistro table or kitchen island. With such versatile leather occasional chair options available, it’s simply a matter of narrowing down your choices by focusing on where you have the greatest need for seating and choosing the style that works best for that specific room.

After you’ve selected your leather chair, don’t forget to pick out an ottoman so you can prop up your feet and make yourself even more comfortable. We offer some matching leather ottoman styles that have the exact same design as their coordinating chair and others that have a more neutral design and can be paired with almost any chair. You can select an ottoman with storage or with wheels for added functionality and match that with the chair of your choice by coordinating color and style. For small spaces, we offer petite leather-trimmed stools that work perfectly to provide foot support at a smaller scale than our ottomans. The ottoman is just one of several additions you can make to your new chair. Don’t forget to add pillows and throws into the mix as well.