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Coffee Tables

Getting comfortable in a living room that doesn’t have a coffee table can take some effort. Without a place to place a cup within easy reach, rest a book or even prop up one’s feet, even the world’s most comfortable sofa feels somewhat incomplete. Pottery Barn’s coffee tables help fill in that all-important space with our signature elegance, offering a range of options including solid wood coffee tables with traditional formal detailing and more modern pieces that mix materials such as glass and metal.

From charmingly rustic wooden coffee tables to elegant options trimmed with mirrored glass and shiny brass, our coffee tables can find their place amongst any type of decor. It’s easy to coordinate your coffee table picks with our sofas, allowing you to develop a comfortable furniture arrangement that looks great and feels welcoming for your family and guests. The exact combination you choose can help set the tone for the room. For example, a glamorous velvet-upholstered tufted sofa can match perfectly with one of our luxe metallic coffee tables, but you could also pair your glam new couch with a minimalistic wooden coffee table and get an entirely different but still beautiful effect. Feel free to mix and match to combine different living room pieces to build up a room that makes sense for your own unique style.

As you shop around for a new coffee table, it’s a good idea to consider what kind of bookshelves, cabinets and other storage you have in the room. If you’re short on storage space, you may want to focus your coffee table search on pieces with extra storage compartments. We have coffee tables with lower storage shelves that can give you a place to store everything from board games and books to floor pillows and blankets. But if you need more storage than that, we’ve got suitable options. Several of our coffee table models include interior drawer space that can allow you to keep a tidier room by giving everyone in the house a place to stow various odds and ends such as television remotes, coasters, glasses and other items that may clutter up the tabletop.

Our coffee tables are available in a range of different sizes, too. Whether you have a large sofa setup or just a couple of armchairs tucked in a cozy nook, we’ve got tables that are the right scale for your furniture arrangement. With the ability to fit in nicely just about anywhere you’ve got a need for a convenient little table, our coffee table selections are just what you need to make a lounge space.