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Manhattan Leather Seating Collection

Much like Manhattan in New York City, this furniture line is classic, cultural and likely to be the center of attention in your home. Assorted made-to-order shades of leather are options with each piece of furniture. The sofa exudes urban finesse combined with rural ease and comfort. Choose the sofa with nailheads for extra detail or without nailheads for a smooth finish. Place a few accent pillows at each end of the sofa for added comfort and style. Embroidered or textured pillows enhance the look of leather.

Sofas with chaise sectionals are distinctive and put comfort at a whole new level. You will probably want to keep a cozy throw folded over the back of your Manhattan sofa for unexpected naps on the chaise lounge. Throws with tassels are most decorative, or you could choose a monogrammed style or one with intricate patterns.

Add one of the Manhattan leather chairs to accompany your sofa. Experiment with color and perhaps pick a contrasting color from what you choose in the sofa. Or select the same color for a monochromatic look. Recliners are so relaxing and look gorgeous with the leather upholstery. If you prefer a chair that doesn’t recline, pick from a smooth, sleek leather chair or one with detailed nailheads from Pottery Barn. We offer high quality furniture that gives you options to customize what you want. Since you will probably spend a lot of time in your chair, consider placing a floor lamp nearby for reading, writing or sewing, or just having a conversation with others. Floor lamps come in many styles from tripod to contemporary arched metal or a simple and direct task light.

To prop your feet up while you are on the chair or the sofa, add a leather ottoman. Once again, you have color options and can pick from a style with nailheads or without. The ottoman is designed with character and subtle expression. You might want more than one due to their versatility. Like a walk through Central Park, sometimes it’s the small, subtle things that make the biggest difference. Use it for resting your feet, for an extra seat or as a small table. A small galvanized tray, textile tray or an octagonal lacquered tray would fit nicely on the ottoman during the times you use it as a table. The tray could keep drinks level or serve appetizers on it. And since the ottomans aren’t heavy pieces of furniture, you can move them around easily to place them where you need them.