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All Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is somewhere to lay your head after a busy day, but it’s also your sanctuary. The bedroom furniture you choose sets the tone for your private space, making it possible for you to enjoy your downtime by creating the perfect ambience. Whether you just need some extra storage solutions or you want to completely reinvent your room, you have the freedom to express your personality and flair for interior design by shopping all of our bedroom furniture options at Pottery Barn.

Looking for the Right Bed

People spend approximately one third of their lives sleeping, so it’s essential to pick a bed that offers the best sleeping experience. Furthermore, the bed is often the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom, making it a strong focal point that helps to define the room’s overall appearance. One of the most important considerations is how much room you have available. Ideally, you want at least 30" of space all around the bed to allow easy access, but you also need to think about what other furniture you have, and whether you have sufficient room for opening doors and drawers. The best choice depends on how you most often use your bed and how you like to get cozy. If you want plenty of space to stretch out and have a minimalist bedroom style, you might want to go for the biggest bed frame possible, while if you want to include some nightstands for your favorite bedtime reading, a narrower bed may be a better option. For a really good night’s sleep, you also need a mattress that meets your preferences. Do you like the luxurious feeling of sinking into a soft mattress, or do you prefer the support of stiff springs?

Organizing Your Belongings

Storage is an important part of your bedroom design. Wardrobes and dressers make it possible to keep clothes organized for easily finding the perfect garments when you need them, and they also keep clutter to a minimum for a more relaxed environment. If you are crazy for clothes and need plenty of storage, a modular closet system ensures you have complete control over your wardrobe. Choose from cubbies, shelves and drawers to get the ultimate organization for your needs. If space is limited, consider a bed with storage underneath to make efficient use of every inch of the room, or look for wall-mounted units to help keep your floor clear.

Opting for Bedroom Sets

If you like to have matching furniture, or you enjoy the convenience of getting the main pieces of furniture you need in a single purchase, bedroom sets are a great solution. The contents of sets vary, but often comprise the bed and at least one matching piece of essential furniture such as a dresser or wardrobe. Some sets even include the bed mattress, making it quick and easy to reinvent your room. Of course, buying a set does not mean you have to end up with a uniform appearance. The furniture serves as a foundation by providing the important functional items that set the tone, but there’s nothing to stop you from having more fun with your accessories. If you want your room to be bright and bold, vibrant wall art adds a defining splash of color and character, and a large area rug brings a touch of comfort, which is ideal when you step out of bed in the morning. If you pick a rug that matches colors in your other room accents, you bring the whole space together for a sense of harmony and balance, but mixing up colors and patterns has an eclectic style that keeps the mood playful.

Your bedroom is your inner sanctum – your home within your home. Make it your own with cleverly chosen bedroom furniture, and create an environment that’s a pleasure to spend time in.