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Living Room Furniture

It’s a place where you kick back and relax after a long day at work and a spot to entertain your friends. Depending on the layout of your house, it’s the first and sometimes only room guests see when they’re inside. The living room is just that: a room for living, and the furniture you place there should reflect the way you live. Our collection of living room furniture at Pottery Barn includes stylish sofas, chairs, tables and storage units that fit in with your lifestyle.

Sofas and Sectionals

The sofa is one of most prominent pieces in the living room and a natural focal point. Its placement determines traffic flow, sets a design tone and anchors the rest of the furniture in the room. Choose a sofa with thick cushions and loose pillows if you like a casual room where it’s easy for people to unwind. Select a sofa with a shallow seat and tight back for a more traditional room, an excellent option if you keep a formal living room separate from a family room. Try an upholstered piece in a bold color or pattern to make the sofa stand out, or stick with classic leather or neutral tones for a more understated room.

If you want to break up a large room into more manageable sections or need to fit the furniture along a wall with sharp corners, consider a sectional. A classic L-shaped sectional slides into a corner or creates a boundary around the seating area. Try a sectional designed specially for small spaces if the living room is already a cozy room. Built-in storage under the seats gives you a spot to store extra blankets, books and accessories like candles.

Rockers, Recliners and Swivels

Offer your guests a choice of seating by grouping chairs with the sofa. Choose between upholstered and slip-covered arm chairs that coordinate with the other hues and patterns in the room. Create a cozy nook off to the side of the room’s activity with a recliner, chaise or rocking chair paired with a small side table. Group swivel chairs so that guests can adjust their attention between the television and conversation with a turn of the chair. Mix and match textures and colors such as an upholstered sofa with a wooden chair or leather sectional with patterned chairs to create a visually appealing space.

Tables and Storage

Create an inviting space in the living room by adding side tables and coffee tables alongside and in between the sofa and chairs. Top the tables with lamps that give off a soft ambient glow or use them to show off family photos or your favorite collectibles. The tables also give guests a place for their beverages or a spot to play card or board games. Look for tables that have built-in storage if you need the extra space or features like hinged tops that lift to form a makeshift spot for eating or playing games. Mix and match elements like wood, metal and glass to create a room that reflects your personality.

Make the most of vertical space by adding a bookcase or two and cabinets. Our bookcases come in wide and narrow designs that you can use individually or combine to make an impressive piece for storing books, collectibles and multimedia items. Look for features like drawers and cabinets in which you can store items out of sight. Create an entertainment nook by placing a bench between two tall bookcases. Pair your television with a media cabinet where you can keep equipment and cords neatly and safely out of view.

Create an inviting living room where you and your guests can unwind and enjoy good conversation and company. Choose pieces from our living room furniture collection to give them a place to sit and accessories like a hall tree coat rack to store their belongings while they visit.