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Bedroom Benches & End-of-Bed Seating

Well-decorated bedrooms tend to have a few things in common, including a cohesive design scheme, efficient storage options and, above all, comfortable furniture. Having a comfortable bed is a great first step, but what about the space at the end of your bed? If you have the room, you can use that oft-neglected area to showcase one of Pottery Barn’s end-of-bed seating pieces such as a plush tufted bench or a simple stool. If you’re short on space, consider using an attractive storage trunk at the end of your bed instead of additional seating. There are many different ways to make use of this part of your bedroom with our furniture.

Having a bench at the end of your bed can serve several different purposes. You can use it to set out your clothes the evening before a workday and then sit down on the bench as you put on your socks and shoes. This bench can also provide a quick-access location for you to keep light blankets for additional warmth on chilly nights, allowing you to quickly get comfortable and return to your slumber without digging in a closet or drawer. Placing a bench at the foot of your bed can also simply help the room look more polished and luxurious by providing yet another soft surface to invite relaxation.

End-of-bed furniture can also be helpful for keeping quilts and other bedding in place if you choose a bed without a footboard. There are many good reasons to choose beds with headboards but no footboards, including a simple matter of taste. Adding a bench can allow you to preserve the lower-profile look of a bed without a footboard while maintaining some structure at that end of the mattress. Even if you do choose a bed with a footboard though, an end-of-bed bench or trunk can come in handy.

Our end-of-bed furniture provides additional storage and organization space, particularly those options that include interior compartments, shelves or drawers. Store out-of-season sweaters in one of our trunks or use storage baskets tucked inside an interior compartment to house additional pillows, extra blankets and other bedroom necessities that are convenient to keep within easy reach but you’d rather not put on full display. From clothing that can’t find a home in your dresser to treasured childhood stuffed animals you don’t have the heart to part with entirely, your end-of-bed furniture can end up being a surprisingly important component in a well-organized and uncluttered bedroom.

A bench or comfortable stool at the end of your bed can also come in handy if you like to socialize with friends in your bedroom from time to time. Adding a seat in this part of your bedroom can give a close friend a comfortable place to sit while you try on new outfits from your closet. You may also want to make use of this seating area on your own if you like to relax in your bedroom but don’t want to make your arrangement of pillows untidy. This may become an increasingly attractive prospect if you select one of our cushier end-of-bed benches. Some of our options are even upholstered with sumptuous fabrics such as velvet to give your room an even more luxurious look and feel.

With so many different uses and options, it makes good sense to add a piece of furniture to the end of your bed. As you shop, focus on benches or trunks that coordinate well with the rest of your furniture, including your bed and dressers. You don’t have to match your end-of-bed furniture exactly to the rest of the pieces in your bedroom, but it’s good practice to focus on coordinating elements such as style or finish color.