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Whether you’re decorating a living room, den, bedroom or other area of the house, one of the biggest challenges is creating a comfortable place to sit that also works with the flow and style of the room. Choosing the right type of seating is crucial to make your dream room a reality. Chairs ranging from arm chairs to club chairs to recliners work in any room of the house. Because of their small size in comparison to sofas and ottomans, chairs are easy to arrange and move until you get just the right look. At Pottery Barn, we have several types of chairs to choose from to increase the comfort of your space and create a look that you love.

Chair Styles

Upholstered armchairs have plush, deep seats that are suitable for cozying up with a good book and a warm blanket. Placing two matching armchairs in close proximity to one another creates a cozy nook. Upholstered armless chairs take up less space, making them a solid choice for smaller living rooms and dens. They also work on their own as an accent piece in a bedroom or other sitting area.

Occasional chairs are functional and stylish. As the name suggests, these chairs work for just about any occasion. They often have beautiful designs so that they add to the decor of the room when not in use, but are lightweight and durable enough to move around when you need extra seating. Place slip covers over chairs to have your extra seating match your larger upholstery. Or, bring a chair into the living room for an extra spot around the glass-top coffee table.

Recliners and wingback chairs are among the largest chairs to work with. Their size and design have a presence in the room and are sure to draw attention. The larger size of these chairs is the ideal counterpart to a sofa or sectional, helping to balance out the room.

Size and Position

When selecting a chair for your space, size should be the first consideration. In order for chairs to create the look and feel that you want, they need to be the proper size. There needs to be a comfortable distance between chairs and other pieces of furniture to make it easier to move around the room. Ideally, there should be 14 to 18 inches between a chair and a coffee table. The distance between a pair of chairs or a chair and a sofa or sectional should be a minimum of 3 feet but no more than 10 feet. This sets up the ideal setting for friendly conversation without having guests feel overly crowded. Place chairs close enough to a coffee table or end table so that people can set down their drinks easily but not risk knocking them over accidentally.

The Look

Chairs come in all styles and designs. It’s important that the chair matches the overall style or theme that you’ve chosen for the room. Opt for colors that match the rest of the furniture and upholstery in the room for a calm and balanced look. However, if you want your chair to be the focal point, opt for a bright or contrasting color that stands out. The fabric you choose is also important. Wool fabrics have a warm and inviting look, and they add texture to the room. Leather is timeless and comfortable. It’s also versatile enough to go along with any design theme. Consider adding accent pillows to mix up the look, too.

No matter if you’re working in a small space or a large open room, you can add comfort and beauty to any space in your home with arm chairs and other accent chairs.