How to Choose a Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge is the furniture you have always deserved. This personalized sofa is built for one but can accommodate two if you're feeling close. Made for stretching out, luxuriating in your personal time and drifting off into conversation, daydreaming or even just scrolling, the chaise lounge is a glorious piece of furniture to complement the rest of your living room. Pair it with sofas and armchairs to define a single, sumptuous space as all yours.

What Is A Chaise Lounge?

A chaise lounge is part sofa and part chair. They are usually upholstered in fabric or leather and may have wooden legs that are styled to match complementary sofas and armchairs in the same room.

  • Their construction starts off similar to a chair, but the seat is elongated so that the legs are much farther away than even a deep armchair.
  • Chaises differ from couches, though, because their back is oriented so that the seat has extra room for one person to elevate their legs.
  • On a regular sofa, the back is oriented so many people can sit on the seat with their feet on the floor.
  • Traditionally, chaise lounges don't always have arms, since you rest against the back in a lounge position. Modern takes may have arms that look like a couch or armchair.

Different Styles of Lounge Chairs

When shopping for your chaise, consider the variety of styles available for your home. Furniture design is rarely bound by convention anymore, so explore different silhouettes, accents and colors to create an atmosphere you love.

  • For a sophisticated or romantic aesthetic, choose the chaise with a rolled back. The rolled construction highlights subtle fabric gathers and creates the curvaceous silhouette that makes lounge chairs a long-time favorite.
  • To create a cozy alcove all your own, decide on a chaise with gentle curves and dips, plus arms to keep you feeling ensconced. Add pillows for a fluffy look that lets you sink back and relax.
  • If you know you're the type to refresh your rooms often, pick a chaise that's suited for slipcovers. The clean aesthetic lets you trade out colors regularly while still enjoying this classic piece of furniture.

Where to Place Lounge Sofas

Many people love the idea of lounge sofas but aren't quite sure where to place them.

  • While the usual choice is in a dramatic location full of natural light or spotlighted by a floor lamp, you can work yours in more closely to your other furnishings, too.
  • Place it alongside living room furniture to create a circular layout where everyone can chat while you lounge.
  • Face a big TV or picture window. When you have a great view, you can even push one side against a wall.

Treat yourself to this lavish furniture to make the most of your personal time.