The Beauty of a Mixed Material Chair

The glory of chairs has always been a major touchstone of furniture design. With silhouettes and materials defining eras and quality, a mixed material chair is a hallmark of a well-styled home. Decorate your home with stylish seating that showcases all you know about the history of chairs--and where they're obviously heading--when you shop the upscale looks available now at Pottery Barn. Look for occasional chairs, wingbacks, swivel seats, armchairs and accent seating to discover the next statement piece your decor needs.

The Importance of Well-Made Chairs

A finely made chair is a delight in any home. Understanding the significance of a well-made chair is more than just knowing if you shop certain names, you'll get a good one--although, in this instance, that's true. The mixed material chair has long been an important part of home design. Today's pieces recall the beauty of the past while refining styles for the present and future.

  • Materials like wood, rattan, leather and upholstery have been in fashion for centuries with popularity rising in different areas of the world at different times. Newer influences include the addition of metal accents.
  • As furniture design progresses, it's more popular than ever to have occasional chairs or statement chairs that stand out against a sectional or a collection of a sofa, love seat, ottoman and armchair.
  • Find your statement chair by browsing selections that include midcentury looks, office-inspired styles, wingbacks made for privacy and comfort or the low-slung options of the mid and late-20th century.
  • For a fully modern take, check out mixed materials like leather and buckles or wooden frames shaped in unusual silhouettes.

Mixed Material Chair Must-Haves

There are a few basic pointers to follow when shopping for your next mixed material chair. Consider where you'll place your chair, how often you'd like to enjoy it and what other furnishings surround it for the best take on how to upgrade your space.

  • In a home full of modern furnishings set low, a similarly low-set chair is best. Look for tapered wood legs and curved leather that holds its patina and tautness over the years.
  • For a classic space with lots of dark wood or textured upholstery furniture and curtains, try balancing the look with a metal frame chair or contemporary wingback with only the hint of wings along the sides.
  • A rustic space, cabin or plush luxury home would do well with a creative take on classic materials rarely used in chairs, like a shearling upholstery or leather upholstered rocker.

As you select your mixed material chair, explore the exciting new finishes and silhouettes available for the modern home. With more ways to get creative and still remain elegant, the statement chair is seeing new life in stylish homes everywhere.