Upgrade Your Living Space with a Recliner Chair

When choosing the right furniture for your living room or sitting room, comfort is key. But since this main living space will also be used for entertaining guests, the furniture you choose should reflect your design style, too. Adding a recliner chair to your home covers both bases. These exceptionally comfortable chairs are available in a variety of colors, materials and styles to suit everything from traditional to modern living spaces.

Leather Recliners

The most common material used for recliner chairs is genuine leather. These leather chairs are not only comfortable but also radiate class and elegance. Because genuine leather is a natural product, each recliner chair will come with its unique texture and color variance.

Brown leather recliners are a top choice for traditional or rustic settings. There are various shades of brown to choose from, like warm chestnut and dark molasses. Black leather is another popular choice for recliners. Though black is commonly associated with modern homes, the color is so versatile that these chairs look great in any room style. You can also choose from a multitude of less common colors, like deep forest green, berry red and smoky gray.

Fabric Upholstered Recliners

A fabric upholstered recliner chair is another great option for your living room seating. Depending on personal texture preference, choose from plush fabrics like velvet and microsuede or smooth and durable fabrics like twill and denim. In general, these chairs are more delicate in style than strong leather chairs. However, some fabric recliners do have bold decorative accents, like nailheads.

While leather is limited to a few solid color washes, there are endless fabric colors and patterns to choose from. Options include simple, elegant colors like cream and beige and bright, bold colors like red and blue. If you want the recliner chair to make a statement in the room, choose an eye-catching pattern like stripes or paisley and finish the look with a neutral rug.

Recliner Styles

After choosing between leather and upholstered recliner chairs, you'll also have to settle on a style. Recliners generally fall into three main design categories:

  • Armchairs are the most common style. These chairs come with high, straight backs and arm supports on each side. Armchairs are a popular choice as they are comfortable and promote good posture.
  • While wingback chairs also have the side arm supports, they feature a larger back with angled sides that resemble wings. Reclining wingback chairs are not only aesthetically pleasing, they're also a great chair for lounging.
  • Swivel chairs are chairs with a mechanism at the base that allows them to turn in any direction. Because of their versatility, swivel recliners are a popular choice for living rooms. They are available in both the armchair and wingback style.
  • There are also various types of swivel chairs that do not include the reclining feature. These chairs can be paired with a matching ottoman to increase comfort.

A recliner chair is a fantastic addition to any living room. Not only are these chairs stylish, but they also create a comfortable spot for watching television, reading books and visiting with family and friends. Choose from fabric and leather recliners or fun and modern swivel chairs, then browse the variety of colors and styles to coordinate the chair with the rest of your living room furniture.