Upholstered Chairs & Slipcovered Chairs

Relax in elegance in your home with a comfortable and plush upholstered or slipcovered chair. Ideal for placement in the living room, family room or den, these versatile chairs work well in nearly any home environment, including adding a relaxing spot to your existing home office furniture. Choose comfortable, stylish chairs in a variety of different colors to complement any decor.

When choosing a comfortable chair for sitting in your living area, first decide between upholstered or slipcovered. An upholstered chair allows you to add a slipcover easily later, but bear in mind that upholstery can be tough to clean if you have small children and pets in your living room. Deepening on the type of slipcovered chair, there are several fabric options that you are able to choose to customize the chair to your liking. Choose from polyester-wrapped fabric for a firm feel, down-blend for a softer feel or knife-edged cushions for a traditional, crisp feel. Upholstered chairs offer many options as well, such as down blend or polyester materials.

Color is another important thing to consider when deciding on living room chairs. As an upholstered or slipcovered chair is a new addition, you want to make sure it works well with the already existing living room furniture. Keep in mind that nearly every upholstered and slipcovered chair sold by Pottery Barn is customizable, so color schemes and options should be a cinch. Use white, off-white or light colors to perhaps complement a room with darker furniture, or use dark colors such as maroon or navy to contrast white or light-colored walls. Mediums also work well in nearly any living space, such as grays, beiges, tans and off-white colors. The type of fabric you choose for your living room chair may also be available in more colors than others, so if comfort is more important to you than color choices, be sure to select your fabric first.

There are several different types of upholstered and slipcovered chairs, so be sure to select the one in which you will be most comfortable. An armless chair may be great for lounging, while a recliner may be a terrific idea for reading or watching television. A swivel chair works well when placed right by a window, or is a great addition as a side chair or a complement to an existing loveseat or couch. Ottomans and stools help add extra storage and comfort to your living room chairs as well and end tables.