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Choosing the Right Closet Organizer

Proper closet storage and organization is an essential step in caring for your clothing, shoes and accessories. Without the right closet organizer in your space, you'll spend valuable time in your day sifting through wrinkled garments to find something suitable to wear. Closet systems are available in various sizes and types to suit any closet space.

Closet Towers

Closet towers are tall, skinny units with multiple shelves for storing folded clothing, shoes, purses and more. While most are open shelving units, some can be fitted with drawers to hide away clutter. Many closet towers also come with adjustable shelves, allowing you to configure the unit to hold anything from tall boots to folded t-shirts. These units are perfect for organizing a walk-in closet but can also be placed outside of a regular closet to provide extra storage in the bedroom.

Closet Islands

Closet islands are a unique closet storage option. Part storage, part table, these handy islands can be used to store your clothing and as a surface for storing other belongings. The unit features open shelving and small drawers. The flat top surface can be used to house jewelry boxes or decorative accessories like plants and flowers. Closet islands are a great addition to any bedroom or walk-in closet.

Closet Cabinets

Chifforobes and armoires are some of the most commonly used furniture items for garment organization. These units often come with both drawers and hanging space to store everything from socks to sweaters. Because these units come with opaque doors, any clothing or clutter within will be hidden from view.

Chifforobes and armoires can be used as a walk-in closet organizer or as a standalone unit within the bedroom to provide extra clothing storage. Each unit is made of sturdy wood or engineered wood in gorgeous shades like dark mahogany, smoky gray and elegant painted white.

Other Uses for Closet Systems

Though their main function is as a bedroom closet organizer, these towers, islands and cabinets are also stylish enough to be used elsewhere in the home.

  • Use a closet tower as a linen closet organizer to store sheet sets, pillowcases, towels and other linens.
  • A closet island can be a great laundry room storage tool for detergent, stain remover, clothespins and more. The flat top surface is ideal for holding laundry baskets and for folding laundry.
  • Place a cabinet in the front hallway to hang coats and other outerwear and to keep weather accessories like scarves, hats and umbrellas easily accessible.
  • These cabinets can also be useful in the living room to hang cozy throw blankets and to store DVDs, cables and other media-related items.

Proper closet storage is made simple with the right closet organizer. With many options to choose from, you can create a functional walk-in closet space that effectively organizes your garments and accessories. But these stylish towers, islands and cabinets don't need to stay in the bedroom - they're also useful throughout the home to organize everything from outerwear to laundry supplies and blankets.