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Coffee Tables

Coffee tables can become a defining element in your living room or family room. They easily serve as a focal point to gather around for quiet conversations or for watching television. They’re useful, too, being versatile enough to use as end tables, TV tables or occasional tables during parties. They also provide an excellent opportunity for you to display your flair for interior design. Whether you want a contemporary glass-top coffee table or a traditional table made of reclamied wood, Pottery Barn can help you decide what is most important when choosing a coffee table.

Choosing a Size

Do you you want your room to have more of a cohesive feel? It helps to think about furniture proportions. For example, you can purchase a coffee table that’s the same height as your sofa cushions and approximately two thirds of the length of the sofa. This makes everything look in scale. It also provides a greater sense of balance and harmony. However, choosing a smaller coffee table may be a better option if your space is limited, or if you want several tables to use as end tables. This is a way to provide multiple useful surfaces throughout the room while still helping the space feel open. If you’ve seen a coffee table you like but you aren’t sure how to visualize what it’s going to look like in your home, mark out the size of the table on your floor with masking tape. This makes it clear how much space you have for moving around. It also helps you see if the table might obstruct any doorways or cupboards. Ideally, there should be at least 12" of space between the coffee table and the sofa so people can walk there easily.

Choosing a Style

Coffee tables provide an ideal opportunity to change up your home decor and find exciting new ways to use the space. A large square or rectangular coffee table has a grand presence, exuding a sense of luxury. If you already have square end tables or a square media stand, you give the room a consistent feel. However, if space is limited and you want to ensure there’s enough room to move around, or if you want to create contrast with existing square furniture, you may prefer a round table.

Think about how you intend to use the table. If you like to gather with friends to play cards, a round table makes it easy for everyone to pull up a chair and try their hand. If you like watching movies, a rectangular table that’s easy to reach from any position on the sofa may be a better option for storing snacks and drinks. Some coffee tables also double as storage, incorporating trunks or drawers for hiding away everyday objects you like to keep close at hand. These tables are an effective use of space, and they’re ideal in studio apartments and smaller homes.

Choosing Materials

The choice of material defines the appearance and durability of the table. Wood is a popular option due to the wide range of finishes available. Painted wood has a contemporary feel, and choosing something bright adds interest to the room. Natural wood has a traditional yet timeless appearance that fits in with most types of decor. A glass-top coffee table is a sleek and contemporary style, which helps to make a room feel bigger. However, the glass is more fragile than other materials, and you may want something with rounded wood edges in a home with pets or small children.

Whether you prefer a contemporary glass-top coffee table or a wooden classic with rustic charm, your choice of home furnishings is an opportunity to express yourself. Find your ideal combination of form and function and select a coffee table that helps you to make your home your own.