Banks Collection

Banks Dining Collection

For elegance in the dining room, our Banks furniture and dining room collections are the crème de la crème. At Pottery Barn, we’ve designed these pieces with solid wood construction and dovetail features for utmost quality. For example, our Banks buffet has drawer space and cabinets that look like drawers for a more detailed appearance. Shelving on the inside can store silver, serving dishes and other dining pieces. Keep some trivets on one of the shelves for hot dishes that you might be serving later in your dining room. Lustrous trays are beautiful when you display them on top of the buffet. Serving trays are certainly handy in the dining room, but they are also a gorgeous way to store pitchers, decanters or other serving containers. Shiny metal varieties will be noticed.

To showcase the dining area even more, hang a large mirror above the buffet. Mirrors make rooms look larger and reflect the finer elements in the room. A mirror with intricate designs will only enhance the elegance you already have.

If you like to entertain, the tastefully designed bar with a solid wood base and marble top is just what you need. Mix cocktails, pour a bottle of wine or have an after-dinner liqueur. Hidden drawers and cupboards keep the bar supplies organized and behind the scenes, so you'll look like a pro. Guests will want to linger here, so stock the bar with the necessities. Wine cork and beer bottle openers are essential as well as an ice bucket with tongs. Of course, you'll need to get the alcohol and mixers, too.

No bar is complete without the right drinking glasses. Whether it's a margarita, martini or whiskey style, be sure to stock up on the appropriate cocktail glasses. For the adventurous, there's even a copper mug for Moscow mules. Beer drinkers will appreciate beer mugs or slender Hefeweizen-style glasses. Stemless wine glasses or those with fancy stems will please a wine connoisseur. Keep some cocktail napkins on hand for any drips or spills, although the marble top can take it. Drink stirrers store in one of the drawers easily.

To encourage conversation, hang some artwork or photography behind the bar. Many artists and photographers have exquisite work framed with different genres. There's bound to be one or two that suit your interests. Whether you like the beach, big cities or national parks, there are plenty from which to choose. Artwork and photography are conversation starters, and everyone likes to talk to their bartender and, in this case, that's you.