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Entryway Storage & Systems

Your entryway is the portal to your home, the place where you welcome guests and take your first steps into your personal space after a long day at work. It makes good sense to approach this part of the house with a focus on organization and tidiness. With Pottery Barn’s entryway storage furniture and systems, you won’t have to worry about keeping your foyer or front door area neat and tidy. You can easily maintain an organized and well-designed space to serve as a figurative welcome mat for the rest of your home, setting a tone of tranquility for you and your guests.

With baskets and boxes to make the most efficient use of your new storage system. Set up individual cubbies for different members of the family or divide sections by season or item type. You can have a dedicated basket for all your reusable shopping bags right next to the front door, for example, so you never forget to grab a bag when you’re on your way to the farmer’s market. If you find it a bit difficult to keep track of things like keys and your wallet, set aside a special basket or even a decorative bowl to hold onto these items so you always know where they are.

Other small organization accessories, including wall hooks, can help everyone in the house develop good habits for tidying and keeping important items such as school backpacks in a central location. Organization is much easier to maintain when everything that ends up causing clutter has a proper storage space that’s easy to access and remember. By placing our entryway systems in a high-traffic part of the house, you make it easy for the entire household to keep track of outerwear, bags and other essentials. You can even dedicate a specific hook to keep your dog’s leash handy for quick walks. Your pooch will certainly appreciate it.

To round out your entryway storage system, consider adding some accessories such as a coatrack or shoe rack. Creating a space for shoe storage right by the front door can help keep the rest of your home a bit cleaner by encouraging household residents and their guests to remove their shoes before proceeding into the rest of the house. A coatrack can be especially useful if you lack the closet space to store all your household outerwear or there isn’t adequate space to provide guests with a place to hang their own coats. Coatracks can also provide storage for purses, hats and other accessories that guests may wear into your home. This kind of courtesy is subtle, but it can make the experience of visiting your house more enjoyable and comfortable.

Finally, consider adding an entryway table or console to complement your entryway storage system. Console tables can provide additional storage space for small items or can simply serve as a decorative contrast to your storage system. Use your console table to display vases of fresh flowers, small sculptural objects and treasured family photos for an extra dimension of polish in your newly improved entryway.