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Decorative Ottomans & Benches

From the living room to the bedroom, decorative benches and trunks can be a useful piece of decorative furniture that serves as the final piece of the furnishing puzzle in a house or apartment. Pottery Barn’s decorative benches and trunks look great, but they can also provide overflow seating or a much-needed place to store important everyday items or treasured keepsakes that need a safe place to stay. From plush benches that provide a cozy perch overlooking a window to trunks that fill in storage and organization gaps, these furniture pieces can be quite versatile in their use.

While decorative benches and trunks often find a place in the bedroom as end-of-bed furniture, that’s not the only place these items can make themselves useful in a bedroom. Tuck an attractive trunk containing extra blankets into the corner of your master bedroom suite, or provide houseguests with a comfortable place to sit and lay out their clothes by placing a plush bench against a wall. You can also create extra seating in your master or guest bathroom for an extra glamorous feel by choosing one of our plush tufted benches. Our benches also make excellent vanity seating in front of a well-lit mirror, with some models offering the added bonus of extra storage at their base for hairstyling tools and other beauty necessities.

Our benches and decorative trunks can also work well in your home office, particularly if you sometimes like to sit somewhere other than your desk. Our trunks can serve as an attractive alternative to a filing cabinet, which may make more sense if the traditional filing format doesn’t meet your storage needs. Individuals in creative professions or craft hobbyists may find our storage benches and trunks useful for stashing small items such as fabric or paint brushes or even large items like sewing machines to give the room a more polished look. Being able to store unused items in an easily accessible location may help make the office space feel more tranquil and inviting, which is always a good thing when it comes to work.

Our benches and trunks can also help with closet organization, whether the piece is inside a walk-in closet or just outside to provide overflow storage for out-of-season items. Thanks to their blend of form and function, our decorative benches and trunks can be a welcome addition to a small living space with closets that are a bit smaller than your actual wardrobe. Add some organization boxes or baskets to help keep your clothes and accessories stored carefully for easy access. You could even use one of these decorative storage pieces to store special-occasion shoes stored in their original boxes or in a specially labeled protective storage box.

Hallways and entryways can also benefit from these decorative pieces. Placing one of our trunks or benches can provide a bit of extra decor or a place for guests to take a seat when they enter your home. This is an especially good idea if you have a shoes-off policy in your home; providing guests with a comfortable place to sit while they remove their footwear can help make the process a bit easier. If you have an entryway storage system in place, you can choose a bench without any additional storage, but if you need a little bit more room to stow scarves and hats near your front door, opting for a bench with storage compartments can be an efficient solution to your organization needs. For entryways that need even more storage, consider adding a row of storage hooks or a storage shelf above the bench or trunk to provide an easy place to hang bags or coats.