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Livingston Modular Office Furniture

Printer's Modular Office Furniture

Bedford Modular Office Furniture

Logan Modular Office Furniture

Ramsey Modular Office Furniture

Aubrey Modular Office Furniture

Modular Office Furniture

Your home office may or may not be your favorite part of the house to spend your time, but it is likely a place where you brainstorm, innovate and create. Sometimes, it can be hard to office furniture that’s as special as the work you do. Whether you spend your days typing away at a computer or need space to spread out, Pottery Barn’s modular office furniture allows you to mix and match different office furniture pieces to create a setup that’s perfect for your needs.

The right office furniture can help your work space feel much more efficient and comfortable. And while it makes sense to think of comfort when you select an office chair, it pays to apply the same scrutiny to your desk and storage areas. It’s important for your desk to provide you enough surface space to complete your tasks, but if your storage space isn’t convenient, and easily accessible, you may not feel quite right when you’re at work. Similarly, choosing a desk that’s right for your posture can be an important element in making your office feel pleasant and comfortable. Some of our modular furniture collections include height-adjustable desks that can allow you to stand or sit as you see fit.

Our modular furniture collections include several different office storage options, including desktop hutches, filing cabinets, bookshelves and cabinets. Hutches can help make your work process more efficient by allowing you to reach up and grab any tools or materials you might need without having to get up. Your bookshelves and cabinets can hold important documents, reference books and files, but you can also use them to bring some visual interest to the room with decorative objects or family photos. Arranging these storage pieces within easy reach of your desk or in other parts of the room to hold less-frequently-used materials is helpful for maintaining good order and tidiness even on busy days.

Our modular systems are available in a variety of different matching styles, allowing you to craft a cohesive office design scheme. Add a rug to help tie the room together and you’ll be all set. If you want, you can go further, adding a comfortable chair or couch to create a relaxing seating area so you can read or take phone calls in a more leisurely setting. if you frequently take client meetings in your home office, add some comfortable arm chairs or guest chairs to make the work space welcoming for anyone who comes in.

It’s also important to add adequate lighting to your new modular work setup. Choose a table or task lamp that matches the style of the modular units you’ve chosen to help keep your work illuminated and continue the decor theme. A cohesive decor theme is yet another factor that can help introduce a sense of calm and focus into your office. Unless you have a particular flair for eclectic style, selecting coordinated pieces is likely your best bet for a polished office that is conducive to productivity and a good mood.

Many of our home office furniture collections offer a range of pieces that you can mix and match to build the kind of space you need to do your best work. Whether you have a large room completely dedicated to work or have adopted a corner of your living room or bedroom to act as your productivity station, we have modular pieces that can suit your style and needs. From spacious corner desks to small writing tables, our modular office furniture includes a variety of different styles and sizes to meet every unique need. If you aren’t sure how best to approach your office furniture arrangement, start with the basics, such as a desk and chair, and figure it out from there. Our modular systems are adaptable and can easily be rearranged to accommodate new furniture pieces.