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Livingston Modular Office Furniture

Printer's Modular Office Furniture

Bedford Modular Office Furniture

Logan Modular Office Furniture

Ramsey Modular Office Furniture

Aubrey Modular Office Furniture

Mix-and-Match with Modular Office Furniture

Contrary to its name, modular office furniture is not only for the office. In fact, Pottery Barn's complete collection of modular office furniture can lend functionality to almost any room in the house. If you need some new furniture pieces for the living, dining, or bedroom, take a look at the choices on offer.

What is Modular Office Furniture?

Modular is defined as consisting of separate parts that, when combined, form a complete whole. You can buy as many pieces as you like as a matching set, or spread them out individually within one room or separate rooms. Examples of this type of furniture consist of wall suites and bookcase hutches, desks, file cabinets and TV stands, all built in the same style with the same material and finish. Their similar design makes these pieces complementary as a whole or separately.

  • Office desks. If you work from home, an office desk is an essential item for keeping yourself organized and making it seem like a real office setting. If you want to customize your workspace, pair with matching chairs and add other pieces in the collection to make a unit or keep it as a separate piece. Top up your desk with other home office accessories such as pen holders and organizers.
  • File cabinets. These make great side buddies to desks if you need that extra storage for files and office supplies. Snug one right next to your desk for easy access and the other across the room for those extra supplies.
  • Wall suites. If you've got the room in your office, consider adding a wall suite. If not, these are great for bedrooms, living or dining areas. Depending on where they live, wall suites are ideal for holding books, dishes, glassware, plants, decorative plates and boxes, just to name a few. Choose open-style with drawers to store linens and silverware, or glass cabinets for those precious porcelain or crystal gems.
  • Television stands. Along with the obvious function, TV stands can come with consoles that are perfect for storing remotes, cables, DVDs and the stereo, so everything you need for entertaining is all in one space. Top with books, candles and picture frames - nothing too tall that may interfere with the main attraction. If you need extra storage, consider buying two stands and pair with a dresser or other storage cabinet from the modular collection.

Don't let the name fool you: modular office furniture from Pottery Barn extends far beyond the office. These matching sets of desks, hutches and cabinets can complete a room, or be moved around for a more subtle matching look throughout the home. Mix with similar styles and shades of other furniture and accessories in the house. Shop Pottery Barn today for that clean and cohesive look to your home that you've always wanted.