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Everyone needs a personal space for reflection and inspiration, a place to create and innovate. It could be a home office utilized for working remotely, an area for young minds to blossom and investigate, or a studio where artists feel free to design. Pottery Barn wants to make your creative space as inviting and comfortable as possible. That’s why we crafted the Bedford furniture collection. Its simple lines encourage organization and imagination at the same time, which is great for any office.

The Bedford Project Table Set, for example, features a beautiful desk with abundant storage spaces that let you store far more than office equipment. There’s room for sketches, reference volumes and decorations – whatever inspires you. And a top with over 12 square feet of surface area gives you enough room for any project. Whether a laptop, a digital sketch pad, an office organizer, artistic media and much more, you can keep it all at hand without feeling cramped in the least. All of this lets you personalize your space for maximum productivity and freedom. Various styles of bookcases – from narrow and high to elegantly wide – gives you easy access to anything you need. Bedford furniture is modular so it can be placed in a way that harmonizes with your personality. Decorate walls with photography or your own pieces – mounted in our picture frames – and shelves with verdant plants for a soothing effect. A floor lamp serves as decor during the day and lets you work more easily in the evening.