Ready to add some extra seating to your family room or den? Sectionals from us at Pottery Barn offer a wide variety of styles and options for providing comfortable, luxurious seating to your home. These furnishings feature thick cushions that deliver hours of comfort any time you want to kick back and relax. If you’re planning to entertain or just want a spot to put your favorite beverage while watching a movie, add a pair of end tables and a media cabinet to your family room decor.

The Differences Between Upholstered and Slipcovered Seating

Upholstered furniture, like these sectional pieces, has thick padding and durable fabric or leather stretched over the padding. The upholstery fabric is then attached to the furniture’s frame. The fabric fits snugly over the padding. This creates smooth lines, and it adds a lot of extra life to the fabric because it doesn’t move or rub as much as looser fabric. Slipcovers also fit snugly and deliver the appearance of smooth, crisp detailing. The difference is that slipcovers are designed to be removable for cleaning. This is an advantage if things occasionally get spilled on your sectional.

Luxury and Durability: A Stunning Combination That Lasts for Years

Want upholstery that combines luxury and durability? Consider adding a leather sectional in your favorite shade of brown, black or red. Choose a low-shine leather to match a French country or contemporary decor scheme. Need something to catch and reflect the light in a darker room? A sectional with a high-luster leather covering adds a softly glimmering touch of elegance to the decor. Arrange some colorful, textured throw pillows on the sectional to add some bright touches. Woven fabric is available by the yard if you want to have some pillows or other decorative accessories made in a color that’s perfectly matched to the leather shade you choose for your sectional.

How Does a Reversible Sectional Work?

Reversible sectionals make it easy to rearrange your the floor plan in your home any time the inspiration hits you. Being able to set the sectional up as either a right-handed or left-handed piece is what makes these pieces reversible. If you choose a sectional that comes with a chaise, the chaise fits on either end. For pieces without a chaise, the corner section fits near either end to create a rectangle that fits your floor plan. This makes it easy to accommodate the location of doorways and other design elements in your home. It also makes it simple to redirect foot traffic through your living space by rearranging the pieces of your sectional.

Make the Most of Your Available Space

Want to create a little extra storage space in your living room? Some sectionals provide an unexpected way to help you keep things organized by providing hidden storage space. Tuck an extra blanket in this extra space. If you want to keep a few things handy without leaving them out in plain sight, store those things neatly under the sectional cushion that hides the storage area. A small space sectional is another way to enjoy plenty of comfort and extra seating without filling up your floor space. These smaller sectionals add a touch of charm and comfort whether placed close to a wall, in front of a picture window or in the center of the room.

When you choose a sectional that fits your home and your lifestyle, you’re adding to the comfort your family and guests enjoy each time someone takes a seat. You get a piece of seating that delivers enough room to stretch out and get comfortable. You also get furniture crafted with heirloom quality to keep your loved ones comfortable for years – whether you choose from our sofa and sectional collections or build your own sectional.

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