Find a Versatile Reversible Sectional for Your Home at Pottery Barn

A comfortable sectional is the perfect seating option for almost any living room or family room. You may even be able to use a smaller sectional in your home office or master bedroom area. With a reversible sectional, you get a lot of versatility to find the right configuration for your home.

Use this guide to learn more about sectionals that are easily reversible and how they can benefit your home. We've got tons of styles designed to fit your space and match with your existing living room furniture.

Why Buy a Reversible Sectional?

There are lots of different sectional configurations on the market. As a buyer, that means it's easy to find the one that works in your room. So why go for a reversible model? Here are a few reasons you should consider one of these smart sectionals for any room in your home:

  • You can find lots of different variations of reversible styles for your home. In most family homes, flexibility is key to creating a space that everybody can enjoy together.
  • Reversible styles are easy to reconfigure as your room changes. What works in your den or family room today may not work quite as well six months down the road. With a reversible style, you can flip your configuration and have a brand new look in a matter of minutes.

What Styles Can I Buy?

Sectionals that are reversible come in a wide range of different looks. Here are a few options for choosing the right model for your home:

  • Classic upholstered sectionals. Available in a wide range of colors and materials, classic upholstered sectionals give your room the finished, designer-friendly look you're after. Try one in your home today!
  • Slipcovered sectionals. Great for high-traffic, family-friendly spaces with pets and kids, slipcovered sectionals are durable and easy to care for. Best of all, you can always replace that slipcover and keep your sofa when it's time for a new look.
  • Reversible styles with storage. Need a little extra storage in the family room or den? Look for sectionals that offer built-in storage to make quick work of those throw blankets, extra pillows and remote controls you never use.

A sectional can dramatically improve your seating options in any room and give the whole family a place to gather. In fact, you'll probably find that your new sectional is the new hub of the house - at least when it's not time for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Shop Pottery Barn today to find the perfect sectional for your home. You can also browse our selection of sofas and loveseats if you need something smaller or require additional seating to complement your sectional.