Small Sectional Sofas for A Cozy Home

When designing a compact living room, feel free to include small sectional sofas in the mix. These new takes on the classic sprawling sofa arrangement take the best of the traditional sectional to scale for the modern lifestyle. Now, nearly anyone can enjoy the comfort and largesse of wrapping, oversized seating and lounging.

A New Approach to Sectionals for Small Spaces

The difference between the traditional sectional sofas you know from grand living rooms or massive dens and today's versions is all about approach. The beloved elements are all still there.

  • Sectionals as a whole tend to be overstuffed with higher seats than a minimalist sofa or seating look. Sectionals for small spaces leave this welcoming aspect of the furniture alone for pieces that feel as big as any others.
  • Many small sectionals have a Lawson-inspired silhouette just like the bigger versions. This shape is the all-American couch shape with a medium-high back and thick, padded arms for comfort in any position while reading, scrolling or watching movies.
  • Corner pieces maintain their depth for the ultra-cozy spot where the main sofa meets a chaise or perpendicular chair.

Designers instead scale the furnishings back in length to fit your smaller rooms. Imagine a love seat with a chaise on either the left or right half or a wraparound sofa with only three seats plus the corner. These shorter proportions let you get exactly what you want and need.

Statement Pieces Make Sense

Investing in small sectional sofas makes perfect sense for a compact home or room. In these rooms, your interior design usually focuses on a statement piece. A statement piece is a signature item that commands most of the attention when you enter the room. In a living room or open, urban loft space, a sectional serves as your statement piece.

Designing The Perfect Sectional for You

The beauty of any size sectional sofa is that you can build your own design.

  • Choose your silhouette from a wide variety of collections, including rolled arms, square arms, various cushions heights and proportions and apron or skirt fronts.
  • Select the material and color that goes best with your home. This is the perfect chance to set a new mood in your room or across an open floor plan.
  • Create the layout that best fits your space. Chaises, corners and armless or armed chairs combine for a bespoke piece of furniture.

Get Help from Design Crew

If you have questions about how to design the best sectional for your small space, just ask the Design Crew for help. This complimentary service pairs you with an interior decorator who can show you new ways of looking at your home and its possibilities.