Bring on Comfort and Style with Fabric Sectionals

If you're looking for a seating solution for the home that doesn't involve buying multiple pieces of separate furniture, such as a loveseat, sofa and additional chairs, consider fabric sectionals from Pottery Barn. These all-in-one solutions offer adaptability and comfort for most any room.

What are Fabric Sectionals?

A fabric sectional is a two- or three-piece sofa that can be separated according to space and use. Three-piece sectionals can be comprised of either two separate loveseats and a chair, one loveseat, a chair and a wedge, or a combination thereof. Two-piece sectionals can be made up of one sofa and one loveseat, or a loveseat and chaise. The larger fabric sectional sofas ones are typically L-shaped for more open seating arrangements.

Adapt to Your Space

The point of these essential furniture pieces is the versatility. You can choose to keep the whole thing together or move the pieces around to suit your space or preference. They are ideal for families who want to stretch out on the sofa together, when someone wants to be set apart a little for a better angle to the television or to be closer to the table lamp for reading or writing.

Due to the versatility of style and arrangement, these deep-seated fabric sectional sofas are perfect for both large or small rooms. Try a two-piece for a guest bedroom, or a full-on three-piece with bumper wedge for the main living area or recreation room.

Decorate it Up

Pottery Barn's selection of fabric sectionals come in many dynamic colors and materials: from cayenne plush velvet to washed teal basketweave or cream twill. Cloak your sectional with cozy plush blankets that are a must-have for winter. Ones with fringe always look great draped along the back for a subtle but elegant look. If you choose a natural white or beige, add some pop with brightly-colored throw pillows for extra comfort and decoration. Pair your fabric sectional sofa with a matching chair, ottoman or coffee table, side tables and floor lamps for a completeness that brings the room together.

Fabric sectionals from Pottery Barn are a great seating option for almost any room in the house: living, guest, recreation - even the bedroom. Their versatility in seating allows for movement to where it suits both style and functionality best. Choose from two- or three-pieces, deep-seated cushions or memory cushions - the choices are endless. Shop Pottery Barn today for the ultimate in luxurious and comfortable seating solutions.