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Leather is rightfully one of the most enjoyed furniture coverings. Its supple feel, textured appearance and deep tones stimulate the senses and relax the mind. The Manhattan Collection by Pottery Barn features top-grain aniline-dyed leather furniture ready to grace the living spaces of your home. Classically styled sofas, armchairs with graceful arcs, sweetly colored recliners and soft ottomans are some of the pieces in this set. Our Manhattan Leather Sofa offers the height of comfort and quality so that your family can enjoy calm moments together. Various choices in sizes from a 76"-wide love seat to a 96"-wide grand sofa allow you to select a more intimate and tender ambience, or go with the extra space for numerous kids or friends.

The Manhattan Leather Recliner with Nailheads expresses a definite air of the 1930s, a sophisticated and elegant piece that is available in vibrant tones reminiscent of that stirring era, while staying incredibly comfortable. For extra flair, cocktail shakers are very popular and possess a profoundly enticing character in everyday moments or on special occasions. Incredible burnished leather hues like Bourbon and Saddle present a totally distinct and classic appearance that can make any living room, home office or introspective space truly singular. These selections pair well with deep wall colors and floor lamps to soothe and intrigue at the same time. Decorating with complementary wall art or artistic photographs adds layers of texture and an almost enigmatic attraction that few can resist.