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Enhance Your Living Room with a Leather Sofa

Add elegance to your living room with a leather sofa. Pottery Barn has leather loveseats and sofas in an array of styles and colors, so it's easy to find the right piece for your home. These sofas also come in various sizes to suit rooms from small to spacious. There are also leather chairs and ottomans to coordinate with your sofa.

Advantages of a Leather Sofa

There are lots of reasons to choose leather loveseats and sofas for your home. Here are just some of the advantages of owning a sofa crafted from leather:

  • Appearance: Whether you like classic brown or winter white, leather has a sophisticated look that goes well with most any other furnishings. One of these sofas can work with any design style, whether it's traditional, modern or something in between. It's easy to dress up your sofa with a grouping of decorative pillows and a plush throw blanket.
  • Durability: A sofa made from leather can last substantially longer than a sofa with fabric upholstery. Leather is an incredibly tough material and can stand up to plenty of wear and tear. It's resistant to rips and tears, and it doesn't snag the way fabric can.
  • Easy to Maintain: Leather furniture is simple to clean and care for. Spills are easy to wipe away and are less likely to stain leather than fabric. Leather is surprisingly pet-friendly because pet hair and dander can be brushed right off without the need for vacuuming. There are leather care kits you can purchase to keep the leather supple and enhance its appearance.
  • Hypoallergenic: Leather is a good choice if you're sensitive to allergens because it doesn't trap dust and dander like fabric upholstery does. To keep your leather dust-free, simply use a feather duster or a dust cloth on it as needed.
  • Low Odor: Fabric upholstery can soak up and retain undesirable odors, such as smoke, cooking and pet odors. Leather, on the other hand, doesn't retain odors so it always smells fresh. Many people enjoy the rich natural fragrance of leather, which is yet another reason to choose this material.

Explore the leather sofa selection at Pottery Barn to discover plenty of options. There are many styles from which to choose, such as Chesterfield, roll-arm and square-arm sofas. No matter which sofa you choose, you'll love the beauty and quality of these elegant pieces.