Small Space Solutions: Storage Ottomans and Sofas

When furnishing a small room, it is important to maximize storage space whenever possible. Pieces like storage ottomans and sofas with storage are a small living room's best friend. They are fully functional as regular furniture but also come with a generous amount of hidden storage space to contain clutter and organize living room essentials. Living room furniture with storage is available in a variety of fabric options and colors to suit any modern or traditional space.

Storage Ottomans

Basic ottomans make a great addition to any living room as they are multifunctional furniture pieces. When paired with a cozy upholstered chair, they become a footrest and when paired with a sofa, they make a unique coffee table. Place a couple of decorative serving trays on the upholstered top to create a flat surface for drinks and decorative items.

Ottomans can also act as an extra seat in front of the television when guests are over. Because they are small and portable, they can easily be moved around the room to meet any need.

Upgrading to a storage ottoman gives you all of these amazing applications plus the added benefit of hidden storage space. The top cushion lifts to reveal a hollow space for storing extra throw blankets and pillows, media items and miscellaneous clutter. Choose from traditional leather ottomans, crisply tailored fabric ottomans or elegant slipcovered ottomans. All three varieties come in natural shades like ivory, brown and gray as well as a few bolder shades like forest green and indigo.

Fabric ottomans also come in a few stylish, eye-catching patterns. Long, rectangular ottomans with storage are best for use as coffee tables while square ottomans make great footrests, side tables or seats.

Sleeper Sofas with Storage

The sofa is usually the biggest and most frequently used item of furniture in the living room, so it's very important to maximize its utility. Sleeper sofas double as living room seating and as an extra guest bed. The bed stays hidden within the sofa until you need it.

Sleeper storage sofas add yet another amazing benefit: hidden storage. They come with a lidded ottoman that attaches perpendicularly to the sofa to act as a chaise lounger. Using the ottoman, these basic sleeper sofas become more like a sleeper sectional.

Unlike most sectionals, the chaise is not directly attached to the sofa. This means that the ottoman can be moved to sit on either the left or the right side of the sofa to create a left- or right-facing sectional. It can also be used on its own elsewhere in the room. This incredible versatility allows you to try out multiple room layouts to maximize your small living room.

Inside the storage ottoman, consider storing extra sheets and blankets for the daybed so they are easy to access when needed.

Reversible storage sectionals are available in many colors and fabric types. A fabric like twill is a great choice for sofas as it is durable, stain-resistant and available in neutral or bold colors. Velvet and suede are also popular choices for cozy seating as they are soft, plush fabrics. Choose a fabric type and color for your sofa that either complements or contrasts with the other furniture in the room.

Give your small space a major upgrade with storage ottomans and sofas with storage from Pottery Barn. While often used in the living room, these ottomans also look great at the foot of a bed and the sofas are perfect for small guest rooms. With many fabric options and colors to choose from, this multi-use storage furniture adds function and style to any small space.