Fireplace TV Stands for The Ultimate Living Room

If you've been looking for a way to make your living room as comfortable and interesting as possible, fireplace TV stands are here for you. These home decor elements serve no other purpose than your serious enjoyment. A combination of electric fireplace and entertainment center, this is a majestic way to incorporate warmth, light and hi-tech design into your home. Made to look as classic as can be, these inventive combo pieces easily integrate with your chosen aesthetic. Gather friends and family around to relax, enjoy and start a conversation about your interior design prowess.

What Are Fireplace TV Stands?

Fireplace TV stands are a singular home element doing the work of two significant centerpieces. In most homes, the fireplace and the TV are separate visual attractions. By creating a focal point that includes space for both, you can enhance your free time with your family and save space for other furniture, like couches or side tables.

  • As a true combination piece, many fireplace TV stands include an electric fireplace in the center and a media cabinet surrounding the fireplace. The cabinet might include doors or open shelves, legs or a flat base, just like any other TV stand.
  • Other entertainment centers look more like a traditional mantel with crown or other decorative molding and a hearth-inspired facade. Your electric fireplace remains in the center, just like it would if you only had the fireplace part of things.
  • You have your choice of where to place your TV screen. With a more traditional cabinet look, many people like to place the TV on the top surface of the fireplace cabinet. Others prefer to mount the TV to the wall over the cabinet or mantel.

Fireplace Entertainment Centers for All Spaces

There's more than meets the eye with fireplace TV stands. While the appeal of a singular furnishing element for so many things your family loves is undeniable, these centers are great for opening up lots of other possibilities, too.

  • In a compact home or living room, these fireplace stands let you include the electric flame of a fireplace that you probably wouldn't have space to enjoy otherwise.
  • Homes that were built without chimneys now have options for fireplaces without taking up prime real estate in a dedicated living room or entertainment room. Forego the structural overhaul and invest in a unique, well-made piece of furniture instead.
  • Corner stands are one-of-a-kind and let you create a well-appointed tableau, using space that might be forgotten otherwise.

Check out the upscale creativity of fireplace TV stands to add a surprising new feature to your home that everyone will love.