Choosing a TV Stand for Your Living Room

Since the television is the focal point in most living rooms, your TV stand will also be thrust into the spotlight. The stand you choose should be one that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional but should also coordinate well with the rest of the living room decor. Browse the wide selection of TV consoles and stands at Pottery Barn to find one that satisfies all these requirements.

Color and Material Options

While every TV stand features the same wide and flat top surface for your television, these furnishings will look quite different depending on the materials used and the unit's overall color palette.

  • Sturdy wooden stands in dark shades like mahogany are perfect for rustic or traditional spaces.
  • Stands which feature light wood finishes are fresh and airy and can help to brighten darker space.
  • Distressed wood stands have built-in rustic charm without having to wait for years of natural wear and tear. These consoles are great additions to homes with a more casual feel.
  • Modern metal stands are sleek and sophisticated and look great sitting across from an elegant leather sofa or pair of leather armchairs.
  • Wood or metal units with glass doors have a clean and open feel that works well in smaller living rooms.
  • Stands featuring both wood and metal creates a contrast that's incredibly pleasing to the eye. These pieces can be styled to fit modern or traditional homes.

Additional Features

The right TV stand for your home will not only look great but also fit your lifestyle. Before settling on a design, make sure the unit is wide enough and has an adequate weight capacity to support your television. Then, check for other key features to greatly increase the stand's utility in your living room.

  • If you have special games, books or other media items you'd like to display, look for TV consoles with open shelving or glass doors. You can also use pretty decorative accessories, like figurines or candles, to add personality to these shelves.
  • If you're concerned about clutter, look for stands with opaque doors or drawers instead. Alternatively, you can use storage boxes to turn any open shelving into a spot to contain and hide clutter.
  • Proper cable management is very important if your console table will be holding multiple media players. Many of these stands feature cutouts along the back wall to ensure all your power cords stay organized and easily accessible.
  • A select few stands are also available with wheels, a feature which will come in handy when redecorating the living room or while vacuuming.

Increasing Your Media Storage

While basic TV consoles can effectively display your TV and store a small amount of media, homeowners with a large DVD or video game collection may need to increase their living room storage space.

  • If you have space, full entertainment centers are a smart media solution. These floor-to-ceiling units can hold your entire media collection, including your television, movies and games, video players and game consoles. While entertainment centers are more expensive than a basic stand, these units will transform your wall into a complete media paradise.
  • In small spaces, use a basic stand to hold your television then add a coordinating media tower to organize other media. These tall towers take up very little floor space but can hold a large assortment of practical and decorative items.

The right TV stand for your living space is one that can support your television and store media items while also fitting the room's overall aesthetic. Depending on your personal needs, you can also choose features like open shelving, built-in wheels and cable management tools. Browse the wide selection of television stands at Pottery Barn to find a beautiful unit for your living room.