Entertainment Centers are the Ultimate Living Room Upgrade

Aside from cozy sofas and chairs, the best gift you can give to your living space is a stylish and functional media suite. Entertainment centers are more than just TV stands - they're specially designed units which display and organize all your media items and media players in one convenient spot. With many gorgeous sizes and styles to choose from, you're sure to find the right media furniture to enhance your living room.

Style Options

Pottery Barn's wide selection of entertainment centers includes traditional units, modern units and some in between. The right media suite for your space will depend on your existing living room furniture and your personal design tastes.

  • Traditional media units are crafted of dark and sturdy wood that has a heavy feel. Set up these units across from a brown leather sofa and a wooden coffee table. These TV stands and towers also look great in rustic settings.
  • Light wood units or painted wood units look great with upholstered chairs and sofas. Since the stands are neutral, you're free to get creative with patterned cushions, abstract wall art or other fun decorative accents.
  • Some media centers feature stylish metal legs and supports. These modern units look best in living rooms with sleek sofas and glass or metal coffee tables.

Custom Entertainment Centers

Most media centers come fully packaged with all the components you need to create the ultimate home media space. Each piece coordinates in size and color, so they all fit together beautifully. If you have a small or irregular space, you can also build yourself a custom unit from Pottery Barn's modular collections. These handy collections include all the components for an entertainment unit sold separately, allowing you to mix-and-match different pieces to fit your space.

  • The main component of an entertainment unit is the media console table or television stand. They are usually low and wide, with extra shelving or drawers at the base. These consoles can also be used on their own as tables, TV stands or desks in other living spaces.
  • Small cabinets are often placed on either side of the media console to provide extra storage. If you haven't the room, you may choose to add only one. However, having a cabinet on either side does create aesthetically pleasing symmetry.
  • On top of each cabinet, twin hutches or shelves can be placed to add extra height and additional storage space. While the lower cabinets often have opaque doors, these tall hutches usually feature glass doors or open shelving, so the unit does not look overly heavy. Decorative objects, like vases, candles, picture frames and figurines, add personality and style to these shelves.
  • Adding a bridge between the two hutches not only creates an extra surface for storing media but also makes your unit look more luxurious. These bridges instantly draw the eye and become an elegant feature piece in your living room.

Create the ultimate home media space with beautiful entertainment centers from Pottery Barn. These units are specially designed to transform any wall into a functional and beautiful space for storing your movies, games and media accessories. Choose from pre-coordinated sets or mix-and-match different components to design a unit that suits the needs of your living space. Once you've settled on a style, enjoy all your movie nights and TV marathons in your upgraded living space.