Front Door Decor

You may naturally go to a lot of effort to prepare your outdoor space in time for spring and special holidays, but anytime really is a good time to have elegant and classic front door decor. From useful and necessary items such as front door mailboxes to holiday wreaths that announce the coming of everything from Christmas to Easter, decorating the front door of your home is as effective as dressing up the inside. The old adage always rings true: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And as guests make their way to your front door for the first time, they’re sure to notice gentle and lovely touches such as wreaths or durable door knockers to help announce their arrival. To help make the outside of your home as spectacular as the inside, Pottery Barn offers many different accessories and options to help decorate your front door and the spaces around it.

The convenience of a front door mailbox allows you to simply open your front door to retrieve your mail, as opposed to walking to the road or to the end of the street. In addition to its usefulness, a front door mailbox also adds elegance to your entry place. Choose from several different metal constructions that are all resistant to weather and the elements, such as bronze and steel. Mailboxes can be finished in several different hues as well, such as black powder coating, to complement your outdoor decor. Beyond mailboxes, other front door hardware offers you a clean, polished look while providing a useful service, such as a wreath hanger. Great for yourself or as a housewarming gift, have an adjustable wreath hanger personalized and monogrammed with your initial, or the initial of your intended recipient. Classic door knockers also allow guests to inform you of their presence, in lieu of using a doorbell. Choose from several different finishes to match the wood and colors of your front door and its trim.

Whether there is an upcoming holiday or you simply want a breath of fresh air cascading across your doorway, wreaths add an elegant, calming touch to your outdoor space. In preparation for spring, choose bright and festive colors such as pastels and bright whites, mixed with bark, twine and other wreath materials for the perfect decoration. You also have the option of choosing wreaths made solely of dried lavender, flowers, or olive leafs. In addition to your front door, add a touch of spring excitement to your back door or garage doors as well. Seasonal garland also makes a great choice for above your front door, or along your mantel, in preparation for warmer weather.

To properly welcome guests and to provide everyone ample space in which to wipe feet, you’ll want a doormat to complete your front door ensemble. Many doormats are made for durable, yet aesthetically pleasing coir, a material taken from coconut husks. Long-lasting and meant to stand up to the elements, coir resists fading and crumbling and will last you for many a season. Doormats are available in several different styles and shapes, and also come with a personalization option, allowing you to put your initials, family name or a cute theme, such as “Mr and Mrs.” There are also doormats with simple geometric designs, letting guests know they’re welcome.

To add to your outdoor decor, consider placing cheerful items on your front porch or stoop, such as topiaries and small trees. These items bring with them a notion that better weather is coming, in addition to brightening up your front area. If you are preparing for a specific summer holiday, such as Memorial Day or the Fourth of July, opt for outdoor seasonal decorations, such as red, white and blue flags, garland and wreaths, celebrating not only America’s independence, but also one of the best barbecues of the year.