Outdoor Eco-Friendly Shop

There are plenty of reasons to go with eco-friendly furniture throughout the home – preserving the Earth so your kids can enjoy its beauty, for example – but outdoor spaces have an especially strong connection with green choices. Maybe it’s the fresh air, or the emphasis on spending time with the people you love in a relaxing setting. Either way, happy moments feel even better knowing that you’re taking care of the planet at the same time. At Pottery Barn, we understand how important making wonderful memories is to you. We’re proud to be green. We want you to enjoy nature with your friends and family for a very long time. In addition to using high-quality materials, our outdoor eco-friendly shop focuses on sustainability and environmentally-conscious workmanship all the way from wood selection to production. How does that benefit the planet?

One aspect of our eco-friendly commitment is sustainability. What is that? Sustainable harvesting means that forests are kept in balance. They aren’t depleted in the process. Instead, they’re cared for to make sure there are always sufficient mature trees to keep the forest healthy. Part of this involves planting new seedlings, and another important aspect has to do with the types of trees planted. In sustainable forests, the focus isn’t just on the number of trees, but also that they’re strong varieties that fit into the existing ecosystem well. The result is beautiful forests that continue to grow and flourish.

Another benefit of FSC®-certified furniture – the Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit organization that essentially sets the bar for internationally-recognized green harvesting practices – is that it takes into account and protects wildlife and natural habitats. The idea isn’t just to have new trees, but to make sure that local animals are safe and secure. That way you contribute to biodiversity of flora and fauna. All of this is good for the Earth since it promotes clean air, an abundance of pristine landscapes and wildlife preservation.

Now that you know about the advantages of outdoor eco-friendly furniture for the planet, how can you use it to create a refreshing ambience in your own exterior space: a patio, backyard, garden, terrace or balcony? The texture, tone and grain of mahogany practically takes care of everything on its own. It’s a solid hardwood with an amazing exterior appearance that also looks great with several different finishes. Darker shades like chocolate give a sofa or sectional a touch of open-air elegance that takes you to a Mediterranean terrace. Lighter tones such as honey highlight the natural beauty of your surroundings, from a lush garden to the sound of crashing waves.

If you love to share relaxing moments with a lot of friends and family, a large sectional provides plenty of seating for everyone. Guests can lean back, stretch out and laugh together while soaking in sunlight and fresh air. Neutral fabric colors complement the bright greens and blues of the outdoors, but you can also go with a bold turquoise or orange with our Sunbrella® cushions to add lots of visual excitement.

Is your idea of the perfect open-air space something a little more intimate? A bistro table lets you enjoy breakfast on your patio or balcony as you watch the sun come up. Or grab a cup of coffee – or a glass of lemonade – midmorning and take in the sights and sounds of hummingbirds and fresh flowers. A bistro table is also a great way to entertain a couple of friends who pop in to visit. Wow them with a cup of your famous cappuccino or mix some cocktails at a nearby home bar, even an outdoor bar. Eco-friendly furniture with a gray finish gives things a beach quality that makes you feel like you’re on an island somewhere.

When the sun goes down, informal seating like folding chairs and ottomans are a great way for everyone to gather around your fire pit or stone fireplace. You can move them around any way you want, taking in the crisp scents of nature and the laughter of loved ones. The welcome warmth and golden firelight gets rid of any stress and fills you with major happiness.