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Wood Outdoor Furniture

It’s no surprise that wood is so popular in outdoor spaces. After all, wood is born in nature; it’s completely at home outside. Its tones look beautiful against a blue sky or surrounded by lush greenery. Wood furniture is also extremely versatile. There’s pretty much no end to the styles and shapes that wood can create. Looking for something vintage? Modern? Pottery Barn’s wood outdoor furniture is like a paintbrush in your hand. Unleash your creativity and check out some exciting design possibilities.

Design a coastal paradise no matter where you live with a wood lounge arrangement. If your home has a sparkling blue pool, koi pond or even a portable garden fountain that’s even better. Wood gives your patio a Mediterranean vibe, especially when paired with bright white cushions. A garden filled with potted plants and white stones enhance the seaside theme even more. Several chaises in the direction of the relaxing water let you tilt your head back, sip on a cocktail and smile. Whether you prefer a nap in the shade or reading a novel, you can enjoy the outdoors the way they were meant to be taken in.

Another Italian-influenced idea is to turn your patio – or apartment balcony – into a fresh-air terrace. It’s perfect for entertaining and spending time with family and friends. If space allows, opt for informal seating like a large wood sectional. Comfy cushions treat your friends like visiting royalty. But feel free to joke around, laugh and especially share a meal together. Decorate with vibrant pillows and throws featuring exciting motifs.

On a cozy balcony, a pair of chairs and a bistro table let you share the view with a special someone. A wood table and chairs can create any kind of mood you’re looking for, from a fresh morning breakfast with flowers to a romantic sunset serenade with candlelight. Turn on some soft music and dance slowly as the stars come out.

Want to know a little more about the wood that makes it all possible? Our furniture is carefully crafted from high-quality varieties that are prized for woodworking. Mahogany is famous around the world for its beautiful full-bodied grain and rich color. It’s also durable; mahogany retains its shape for a very long time. Eucalyptus is fantastic thanks to a strength you normally expect only from oak. It stands up to literally decades of parties, visitors, relaxed afternoons and anything kids decide to put it through. Grade-A teak is highly sought after by everyone from artisans to shipbuilders. Not only is it strong and luxurious, teak has a curious ability to retain its natural oils even after cutting. So it’s naturally weather-resistant, water-resistant and low maintenance. These beautiful pieces of furniture are designed to be around for generations.

Our wood furniture also makes you feel good about your contribution to the planet. We only use FSC-certified sustainably-harvested wood. What does that mean? It means that forests are kept healthy and in balance. Wood is harvested in a controlled manner that doesn’t harm the local flora and fauna, or their habitat. And since new trees are allowed to grow undisturbed, the forest is kept carefully in balance, providing humans with oxygen, and animals with shelter and food.

A wood dining set is capable of so many different styles. For a sophisticated layout fitting for black-tie affairs, choose a table with a deep color, sleek surfaces and artistic details like chairs with an arched back. If you want to create a classic American countryside look on your deck, a table with unfinished natural wood provides a rustic feel that matches. A large area rug underneath is cozy and comfortable. To add chic, think simplicity and striking finishes, such as black or white. Of course, the best table is the one that makes you happy, so feel free to make your own rules when creating the outdoor layout of your dreams.