Wood Outdoor Chaises

Everyone loves to relax. And there a lot of ways to do it. For some, unwinding means watching a movie with friends. Others prefer to do some exercise or go for a jog. But one activity that’s pretty much universally defined as very refreshing is taking an afternoon nap on your patio or balcony. Sunlight makes you happy thanks to increased levels of serotonin, while fresh air cools down your skin and gently gets rid of any stress. Enter Pottery Barn’s outdoor chaise. Supersoft full-length cushions make your body feel like it’s being cradled in the clouds. Wood outdoor chaises are designed to recline or lie flat, so they’re perfect for light reading, enjoying a cool glass of your favorite beverage or falling asleep in the shade.

Our wood outdoor chaises come in a lot of different styles and colors. So what’s the best look for your backyard or terrace? That’s totally up to you. Each option creates a distinctive feel based on where you place it and other nearby decor. If you want to turn your deck into a personal spa, it’s definitely doable. Or grab your long-brimmed hat and give your poolside patio the feel of an all-inclusive island resort. Once you know what you want to feel, it’s much easier to create the relaxation spot of your dreams. Here are a few ideas to play around with.

Don’t be afraid of using black. It’s a strong color that’s bold and beautiful. It’s also very stylish. So if contemporary chic best describes your personality, bring your fashion sense outdoors. A black chaise with a bright white cushion is reminiscent of a runway in Milan, giving the entire patio a modern feel. To make sure you put an accent on the contrast, add a few black-and-white decorative pillows to the mix.

Not all art has such striking tones though. Sometimes you can find rich beauty in more subtle combinations. Gray chaises complement a stone patio or reclaimed wood deck, blending softly into that background. Neutral tones like this have a deeply calming effect on the body. Use a lavender throw for a gentle hint of color.

An all-white wood chaise brings tons of energy to the space. White is a feel-good color that gets your blood flowing. It’s healthy, bright and positive. And since it has an ocean feel no matter where you are, use two or three white chaises to give your home a Mediterranean atmosphere. Decorate with vibrant cushions or decorative pillows, and add a few white accent tables with a vignette of fresh flowers in a glass vase.

Honey and chocolate tones can be exotic and mysterious, but also tremendously inviting at the same time. They’re a great way to create your own backyard spa. Select cushions with relaxing colors like jade green for a tropical Asian feel. Candles nearby help you rest even more.