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Decorating tips for your bedroom

Are you looking for some helpful new ways to enjoy more restorative shuteye?

"Should I get white bedding?"" If you're asking yourself this question, Pottery Barn is here to help you decide!

Are you looking for ways to make your bedroom an ultra-calming sanctuary and improve your sleep?

Is there a link between sleeping positions and personality?

A beautiful arrangement of pillows is the ultimate finishing touch on a well-made bed.

White bedding might not be bright or bold like other colors, but it is far from boring.

White bedding is simple, clean, crisp and has a lot of personality. It gives off a relaxing and calming feeling, allowing you to unwind and destress at the end of the day.

A cohesive space - even if it's small - is always an inviting retreat. Employ the basics of space planning to make the most of your small bedroom.

A few easy steps on how to fill a duvet cover. Making the bed has never been easier!

Baskets are a simple way to add beauty and organization to your home.

The story behind the responsibly managed plantation where the mahogany for our Hudson Collection bedroom furniture is harvested, and an up-close look at the key features that make these pieces last a lifetime.

A family is what makes a home truly special. While each person might have a space in the house that allows him to show off his own personality or interests, a memory wall celebrates the family as a whole.

From the fabric you select to the hardware you choose, window treatments are an opportunity to define a room's style.

Take your storage above and below the bed.

Winter 'tis the season to snuggle. As temperatures drop, swap your everyday bedding for festive, seasonal favorites.

Picking the right headboard seems like a pretty simple task, but it is a big purchase so it deserves a little extra attention.

Eco-friendly products are a fantastic choice for any part of your home, but they can have an extra noticeable impact in your bedroom.

Waking up rested gives you a huge advantage when taking on the day's responsibilities.

Daybeds are fantastic furniture pieces that make relaxing so much fun.

Having guests over, whether it's for the holidays or an overnight visit, always brings joy to the home.

You don't have to sacrifice comfort for eco-friendliness when it comes to bedding - there are more ways than ever to go green and sleep in style.