How To: Put On A Sofa Slipcover

Slipcovers are essential home decor accessories. They protect the furniture and help to extend the life of your furniture. Besides, slipcovers make it easy to update your home decor. All you have to do for an instant makeover is choose new slipcovers for your furniture like the sofa and armchairs. The first step of putting on a slipcover over the sofa is to drape it on the back and then securing the Velcro, working your way from the front to the back. It helps to start from a lower point such as the arms to a higher point like the backrest. To ensure a snug fit, pull the slipcover firmly over the arms and the backrest. Slipcovers for roll-arm sofas have Velcro for a better fit. The Velcro helps to define the shape of the sofa. Sofas from Pottery Barn come with industrial-strength Velcro that holds securely. If the slipcover won't lay flat, start again from the front of the arm. Fit the slipcover over the arms and then work to the backrest. Align the seam and corner of the slipcover with the top of the sofa. Tuck any extra fabric into sides of the cushion. Be sure to tuck in extra fabric around the arms for a secure fit. Finally, fit the cushions into their individual slipcovers. The last step is to accessorize the sofa with decorative pillows and throws.