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10 Ways to Increase Your Closet Storage Space


Our lives live in our closets. Closets hold everything from your favorite sweaters to your hat collection to your daily essentials. Getting dressed and really utilizing your space is so much more enjoyable when everything inside your closet is accessible, too. Making the most of your closet space just makes life easier. Take a look at some of these small-closet organization ideas to get the most out of the space and start enjoying the benefits of staying organized.

1. Add Hanger Space

One quick and easy way to store clothing, especially nice pieces, is on hangers. You can double your hanger space by adding a double closet bar. This allows you to utilize the current hanger space and add the same amount right below it. This option is great for adding space for all of your shirts and sweatshirts, so you can hang them and see what's really there each morning.

2. Install Shelving

Have some empty space on the wall? Install extra shelves for more storage space. Shelving works so well for hats, shoe boxes and off-season stored clothes, and even for holding accessory organizers and shoes. If you don't have a ton of extra wall space available, a great place to install shelves is on the very top border of the closet. Store seasonal items or extra special items up top. They'll be safe and easily accessible with a small stepstool. It's also a great place to store extra bedding and comforters.

3. Get Shoes Squared Away

Organize your shoes properly to keep things tidy in the closet. Whether it's a shoe ladder or rack, you'll love something that can house your primary shoe collection. Store extras in bins or on high shelves; you can tuck away all of your sandals and strappy shoes in the cold winter months. And in the summer, put up all of your boots and heavy shoes to make room for your flip flop selection.

4. Install Permanent Shelving

Closet shelving is so versatile! It can have many compartments and maximize the space by reaching all the way up to the ceiling. Another plus of having shelving with many compartments is that it's easy to designate spaces for separate clothing items, like color-coded sweaters.

5. Organize That Jewelry

Keep jewelry organized and within easy reach with a combination of jewelry hooks and jewelry boxes. In petite closets, it can work well to keep things out that you use most often, and put away seasonal items in storage. Jewelry hooks are ideal for keeping necklaces untangled.

6. Add Wall Hooks

Adding extra wall hooks is a super space saver. Let them hold your most-worn coats in the winter or bags during any season. They're also helpful for storing hats.

7. Organize with Bins

Boxes are always helpful, but even more so if you use labels on these storage containers. Choose stackable ones to really maximize your use of the space and pack all of your off-season or rarely worn items in the bins. You can add a few sachets of aromatics in there too to ensure they come out fresh when you packed them.

8. Make a Place for the Worn Clothes

Place a laundry hamper in the corner, or hang a cloth one from a hook on the wall. It'll make it easy to keep track of the point when your laundry collects enough for a trip to the washer.

9. Add a Mirror

Mirrors near closets make the space feel bigger, and of course serve a very useful purpose. Hang one on a wall or over the door because choosing the day's outfit is easier when there's a mirror right where you need it most.

10. Do a Sweep

If you add extra storage space, shelving and bins, but still crave more space, consider doing a sweep of your closet. What items are you not using at all? Is there anything you can part with? There are many things you can do with used clothing. If they're in good shape, consider donating them to a thrift store, shelter or charity. Whatever the case, trimming down your clothing collection is an excellent option for keeping the closet more organized.