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Set the Table for

Any Occasion

Set the Table for Any Occasion

The time has come! The venue is booked, guest list complete, now you’re ready to create the ultimate wish list for a lifetime together, and what better place to start than with your table? Birthdays, holidays, just because – there are so many moments to look forward to. First, find your basics, then get inspired to mix and match for all of life’s moments – as a duo.

Your Anytime Table Checklist

Serve up a meal for two on dinnerware made for any day of the week, whether you’re experimenting with a new recipe, or throwing in the towel for mid-week takeout. Before you hit the store, barcode scanner in hand, consider who you are as a couple: do you enjoy beer, wine, cocktails – maybe all (or none) of the above! Do you enjoy cooking? Do you plan on living in a small space? Do you prefer items that can be thrown in the dishwasher? Maybe you have most of the essentials, but want to upgrade a few key pieces. This will dictate the items you choose to register for.

Overall, we recommend:

·      6 to 12 place settings (dinner plates, salad plates, bowls)

·      6 to 12 5-piece flatware sets

·      12 casual drinking glasses

·      8 to 10 coffee mugs

·      8 to 10 beer mugs

·      8 to 10 red wine glasses

·      8 to 10 white wine glasses

·      Salt and pepper shakers

·      Salad bowl and tongs

·      Serving utensils

Consider a neutral palette that will let you mix and match as you add pieces down the road, or that will work seamlessly with holiday and special occasion add-ons.

How to Set Your Anytime Table

A basic setting is perfect for a casual meal. With the dinner plate positioned in the center of your place setting, you can start arranging the essentials. Set flatware around the plate in order of how it’s used.

·      Place the fork to the left of the plate.

·      To the right of the plate, you’ll position the knife (with the sharp edge toward the plate), then the spoon (to the right of the knife).

·      glass of water will sit above the knife.

·      Napkins can be placed under the forks or on the plate for an informal setting.

Let’s Get Formal

Holidays, birthdays and special milestones are the perfect time to set a stunning spread. To get the formal look, you’ll start with the foundation of your Anytime Table, then layer in a few extras.

Start by placing a charger under your dinner plate, and, if soup will be served, a bowl to top it off. If you’ll be serving salad, add a salad fork to the left of the dinner fork, and a salad plate above the forks.

Finally, position both red and white wine glasses next to your water glass, and you’re ready to entertain!

Get Set for Sunday Brunch

Brunch is all about having a little fun. Mixed patterns, fresh florals and perfectly unpressed linens are all the foundation of this casual and cool meal. To start, you’ll set your Anytime Table (see how versatile it is?), then mix things up with a few fun favorites, like swapping your formal charger plate for a more casual setting, like a Galvanized Metal Charger.

Layer the dinner plates with a salad plate in a bright print or color, and don’t be afraid to toss on casual linen napkins in the same color scheme. Mix in some beautiful faux succulents and florals, and don’t forget a bottle of your favorite wine or champagne.

Need some help or inspiration? Create a registry online or in stores and get complimentary one-on-one help from our designers, a special discount and so much more.