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3 Gorgeous Deck Decorating Ideas to Enjoy this Summer

3 Gorgeous Deck Decorating Ideas to Enjoy this Summer

Deck decor can make your already beautiful outdoor space irresistible. If you want to upgrade your outdoor time this summer, follow these simple decorating ideas from Pottery Barn. We'll show you how to decorate a deck to balance style and substance so you can enjoy the nice weather in a beautiful setting at home.

Lighting with Dimension

Stylish lanterns and string lights provide decorative benefits all day long and at night, too, so make your deck lighting setup a priority in your design plans. Select a strand or two of string lights or several hanging outdoor pendant lanterns with decorative bulbs or pretty shades. As you hang them, create depth by swagging your string lights into scalloped drapes or hanging your pendant lanterns at different heights. You can also create rows of lights above your deck space to add a further sense of magic and depth for the ideal summer ambience when the sun goes down.

Dramatic Trailing Planters

Take full advantage of your sunny outdoor setting by bringing some plants into the mix on your deck. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy flowering plants in particular. Depending on where you live, you might even attract some butterflies and hummingbirds with your plantings! Choose trailing flowers like nasturtiums, million bells, fuchsia, trumpet vine or jasmine to create a sensational overflow effect and make your deck feel like a botanical wonderland.

You can use this idea on several height levels on your deck: hanging baskets can suspend from the rafters or ceiling, planter boxes can sit on or hang off the railing and planters can sit on the decking or ground. You can also train creeping vines to grow up trellises rather than hanging down so you can get even more floral drama as part of your deck decor. If you choose to use trellises, consider adding a trailing plant to the front of your planter so you can have both upward and downward blooms.

Form and Function with a Pop of Color

A shady umbrella is always a great addition to an outdoor deck space, particularly if your space is open and doesn't currently have sun coverage. Whether you place it directly on the decking or set up a casual lounge area on the grass below with large floor cushions, a rug and a cantilevered umbrella, you'll add decorative glamour and utility to your outdoor space in one swoop.


To maximize the decorative power of your umbrella, choose a color that contrasts with the natural surroundings and outdoor furnishings. For example, if your deck is nestled in a wooded area with lots of browns and greens, a pop of bright blue, orange or pink could add a fun dash of style to the space. On the other hand, if you're in a tropical environment with azure waters in the background and colorful florals all around, a simple white or even black umbrella can be the best choice for your color pop.