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3 Ways to Arrange a Small Bedroom

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Your bedroom is where you start and end your day. Like a puzzle, it can take a little shuffling and trial-and-error to get a small space feeling just right. Get inspired by these three bedroom layout ideas to get the most out of your relaxing retreat.

Up Against the Wall

In case your bedroom is barely big enough to fit a bed, try pushing it against the wall. Leave a little space against the wall, if possible, to make your room feel larger. A desk next to your bed can serve as a nightstand as well. In case there are any tricky corners above the bed, add floating shelves to help fill the space, create storage and display your personal style.

The Master Suite

This full-proof layout plays your bed and desk (or dresser) on opposites sides. This frees up space on the sides for matching nightstands, and a comfy chair in the empty corner. If only one side is open, slide in a dresser that can play double duty as second nightstand. If space permits, place a bench at the foot of your bed for an added dose of style and convenience.

Just Right

To give your furniture some breathing room, start by placing your bed and dresser on opposite ends of the room. Situate your desk on the wall next to the dresser for a designated work station. As long as your bed is centered along the wall, you’ll have ample room for nightstands, floating shelves and other multifunctional pieces.

No matter how you hack your small bedroom, don’t forget to look up! All the above configurations leave plenty of room for floating shelves that can be customized to your heart’s content. Also, it’s never a bad idea to hang some vibrant faux plants or fresh green plants packed with oxygen. Happy room planning!