4 Easter Dessert Ideas to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth 

4 Easter Dessert Ideas to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


Bountiful baskets of candy and treats are common sights at Easter celebrations, but the delicious possibilities don’t end there. These spectacular Easter dessert ideas require just a little bit of prep work and are sure to delight kids and adults alike. From classic cakes to cute cookies, these Easter treat ideas from Pottery Barn provide plenty of inspiration to help your springtime holiday party or dinner be a delicious success. Whether you want to stick with tradition or you have innovation on your mind, these dessert ideas are sweet and delightful.

Cute Carrot Cake

Carrot cake makes a fantastic choice for a holiday that’s all about celebrating bunnies and springtime bounty. Some recipes call for a traditional mixture of carrot, raisins, walnuts and cream cheese icing, while others have a simplified ingredient list that may be preferable for your guest list. No matter what recipe you choose, the presentation is an easy way to have fun with the process. Whether you serve this dessert on a cake stand or a platter, you can go all out to make your carrot cake look perfect for Easter.
Classic carrot cake decor usually involves piping an icing carrot on the top of the cake – sometimes traditional designs may include some chocolate swirls or a radiating starburst of little icing carrots so every slice comes with its own little orange embellishment. However, you can take it a step further if you want by using icing to pipe on some springtime flowers or create the shape of bunnies or baby chicks along with the traditional carrot decor. If you have access to a variety of different icing decorating tips, you can even create some grass or leaves with your icing. Springtime scenes can provide a lot of inspiration, and remember that the base and sides of your cake can be part of your decor as well.

Marvelous Macarons

French macarons are gorgeous for any occasion, and making them from scratch is much easier than these little cookies might make it look! You can make macarons into ideal desserts for Easter by piping the cookie batter into oval shapes rather than circles to have the cookies look like little eggs. It’s easier to make your macaron halves line up if you use a template or stencil to guide your piping bag, but other than that, the process is much the same as making the standard circular macaron. Consider presenting your finished eggy macarons in a basket so they look like the Easter bunny himself brought them to the party.

Perfect Parfaits

With their layered presentation and colorful creative possibilities, parfaits are a great choice for any special-occasion dessert, but they feel particularly well suited to a fresh springtime Easter setting. Parfaits typically layer fruit with something creamy and sweet, such as yogurt or soft-serve ice cream. The combination of the two elements is so satisfying and pretty, and it’s a great opportunity to try some of the season’s fresh fruits. To display all their gorgeous colors, try using a clear glass or bowl to serve your parfait.

Neat Nests

The classic Easter bird’s nest treat made from noodles and candy is a simple seasonal staple, but you can elevate this treat with a few easy steps. Use some plain melted chocolate, spin sugar or cotton candy to make bigger nests, and then fill them with fruit, scoops of ice cream or candy. With the right combination of elements, you can really make a fun presentation out of your updated Easter bird’s nest. You can even use colorful Easter candy such as bunny-shaped marshmallows to make each nest stand out.
The nestmaking process starts with a balloon or inverted bowl that you’ll use to create a rounded mold shape. Choose a bowl or balloon that’s the right size for how large you want your finished nests to be. The idea is to drizzle the chocolate around the rounded end of the mold so you can build up a nest-like structure. You might want to use cooking spray or plastic wrap to make it easy to slip your nests off the mold once they’ve hardened. The uneven, textural appearance of your chocolate drizzles creates a unique, nestlike look for a creatively decorative dessert.