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4 Festive Easter Wreath Ideas 

4 Festive Easter Wreath Ideas

Are you looking for some stylish Easter wreath ideas? Pottery Barn has just the inspiration you need to get your project started! These wreaths for Easter celebrate traditions of this springtime holiday, adding some twists that encourage you to let your creativity dazzle. You’ll find plenty of ideas to create some gorgeous Easter wreaths to decorate your front door or the walls inside your home.

Golden Egg Wreath

Gilded Easter eggs have an opulent feel that adds the perfect blend of whimsy and elegance. You have the opportunity to go all-out with glittery, metallic pieces if you love sparkle, and this idea also looks great with just a few shiny eggs stationed around the wreath. You might also want some balance in your design – if you want to use several different elements to decorate your wreath, for example, you may want to use only one or two golden eggs to maximize your impact and keep your overall design looking the way you like.
To start your glowing, gold Easter egg wreath, you can either find some suitable pre-made gold egg decorations or take a can of metallic spray paint to some faux eggs. Feel free to draw designs on them with gold glitter glue, or paint them with craft glue and cover them completely with glitter, too. Aside from your eggs, all you’ll need is a plain foam wreath form and a hot glue gun. As you attach your eggs to the wreath form, try to fill in any gaps. You can layer the eggs on top of each other and turn them in different directions to avoid leaving an open view into the plain foam wreath form. The dimension and texture of the finished product looks beautiful, and the uniform color adds elegance and your own design savvy. It’s also fun to mix different gold textures – like all-glitter eggs and matte gold painted eggs – around the wreath.

Ombre Floral Wreath

If you prefer simpler Easter wreaths for your front door or wall decor, consider using a gradient of flowers in a single color to make a chic seasonal statement. You can pick out a range of different faux flowers in multiple sizes and textures, all moving from light to dark shades of blue, pink, yellow or purple. Accents like bows or small Easter bunnies look great on the wreath and tie it in to the season’s cutest holiday.

Glam Feather Wreath 

Feathers offer a fun way for you to make a nod to springtime while bringing some great texture into this craft. You can choose to use feathers in a variety of different colors and textures or go for a single style for a more uniform look. There are a few different ways to approach the process of attaching the feathers to the wreath. One technique involves layering the feathers all around the perimeter to create a layered fish-scale texture; if you choose this option, you might want to use a cluster of faux flowers and small Easter eggs as an accent. If you’d rather use the feathers themselves as an accent, try creating a little bouquet of feathers, faux carrots and other Easter icons to affix to a simple wreath.

Nest Wreath

With their woven texture and round shape, plain grapevine wreaths look pretty nest-like on their own. You can take advantage of this by creating a charming wreath that looks like an authentic spring birds’ nest. If your grapevine wreath has a large open section in the center, you can use loose grapevine garland to fill it in and complete the nest, which gives you even more places to attach decor such as faux robin’s eggs and cute Easter chicks.
Feel free to add a little extra embellishment beyond the eggs and birds inside your makeshift nest. Ribbon is a great choice because it can add a little extra pop of color and a simple hanging loop, but other elements, including faux leaves or tree branches, can further enhance the rustic look and feel of these Easter door decorations. To make yours look even more realistic, think about opting for a smaller wreath size that makes a memorable decorative statement.